Will Amazon Share Corrupt Duggar Family Church in New Documentary?

Will Amazon Share Corrupt Duggar Family Church in New Documentary?

Duggar Family News reveals that the Duggar’s church may end up on one of the new documentaries on Amazon this year. This year has already started off in a rough way for many of the Duggars and their church. In fact, Jinger Duggar Vuolo has written a tell-all book about growing up in this cult-like church. She pointed out that she lived in fear as a child and it was all based on what this church taught her. Her parents continue to stand by their beliefs in this church and now it looks as if the people at Amazon have announced a documentary that will expose this church.

The Institute for Basic Life Principles Exposed

In Jinger’s book, she opened up more about the IBLP church. Of course, she is not the first to claim that she felt as if she was living in a cult as she was growing up. This church has been accused of brainwashing its members and also sexual assault and harassment. The founder of the church, Bill Gothard was forced to step down in 2014. Many women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have always stood by him and their religion. In fact, they would often come to conferences where he was speaking, to show their support and to educate others about their church. Now that Jinger has come out about the church in her book, there are a lot of fans that think Jim Bob and Michelle could be in more hot water.

Amazon’s Newest Project

Although this new Amazon project isn’t titled, there is a press release for it. The press release reads, “On the heels of Josh Duggar’s explosive criminal trial, the untitled project will expose shocking connections between some of reality television’s most famous large families and The Institute in Basic Life Principles, a controversial fundamentalist organziation and homeschooling empire.

Will Amazon Share Corrupt Duggar Family Church in New Documentary?

In addition, prominent commentators, writers, and social media voices will explore the broader zeitegist of reality television, social media, faith, fundamentalism, patriarchy,and power.

The IBLP has also been part of a few more TLC families, includig the Bates family of Bringing Up Bates and the Plath family from Welcome to Plathville. Sine Jim Bob is one of the most famous of this religion, fans may get a chance to see him get exposed for what he has done with his family. Fans of these shows are very excited to see what comes out of this documentary and we will continue to keep an eye on the premiere date.

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