1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Is Worried About Tammy

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Is Worried About Tammy

1000 Lb Sisters spoilers, news, and updates tease a new character to be introduced in the series’ final season. Amy Slaton expressed her concern about Tammy Slaton as she thinks that she will give up on her weight-loss journey very soon.

In the recent episode of 1000 Lb Sisters, it showed that Tammy was very devastated by her weight gain. She expressed this to her nursing assistant, who was quick to tell her that it is normal to experience this during this type of journey.

Most weight-loss coaches have already said in the past that the journey of losing weight is not linear. And it doesn’t just stop with losing weight, but also with lifestyle changes.

Tammy Needs To Lose More Weight Before Surgery

Tammy is still in the rehabilitation center and working to lose more pounds to make her weight loss surgery possible.

But Tammy, being who she is, gets easily drawn back by situations like this. It is difficult for her to get frustrated, and the recent weight gain really affected her. This news made Amy more concerned about Tammy, as she knows her sister so well.

Little Bit died

In a recent episode, it was also revealed that their pet Little Bit died. Though it happened back in April last year, the event was just recently aired in the show. Their beloved dog died of lung cancer.

Amy, who comforted Tammy first about the recent weight gain and reassured her that she would lose 10 lbs again, also informed Tammy afterward about the death of Little Bit.

This shocked Tammy, even though she already knew that the dog was previously ill. It still broke her heart, though, saying that her heart stopped after hearing the news.

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Is Worried About Tammy

Amy And Her Husband, Michael, Arranged A Funeral

With the recent death of a dog and the concern about weight gain, Amy is really worried that Tammy could give up soon. The sad news about the dog could also affect Tammy’s well-being, as she was also attached to Little Bit.

Amy and her husband, Michael, arranged a funeral for Little Bit to honor the life of their furry family member. Their friends and family attended the service, but Tammy, because she was still in rehab, wasn’t able to come personally. She attended through Facetime, though, as she also loved and wanted to honor Little Bit.

Little Bit was 22 years old when he died and had been living with Amy for the past five years. The dog was previously owned by her husband’s father.

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