1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Gets Hate For Treatment of Therapist

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton is getting a lot of backlash for how she has been acting toward her therapist. She and her sister, Amy Halterman have been working their way for four seasons to try and lose weight. Because of Tammy’s health issues, she decided to check herself into a weight loss rehab facility.

She is here to try and lose weight in order to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. In order to get fully signed off, she will have to get her therapist’s opinion too. So far, she is not opening up the way that she should to her therapist and is acting pretty rude toward her. This has caused quite a stir among fans of the show.

Tammy’s Therapy Sessions

As fans have watched 1000-Lb Sisters, they have noticed that Tammy isn’t exactly nice to those in her life who try and help her. In fact, she is downright rude to them. She pushes her family and friends away with her attitude and her fans can’t stand it! They have become incredibly frustrated with her. Now that she has been in therapy with Dr. Connie Stapleton, it seems as if she is getting even more hate for how she treats people.

In the latest episode of the show, Tammy learns that she has gained more weighed instead of dropping it. This was a shock to her since she thought that she was doing well. She is now 30 pounds over what it takes to qualify for weight loss surgery. This has made her incredibly upset too. She is completely unsure how she has gained weight because she feels as if she is doing better. It is clear that she is not. This came up during her therapy session as well.

Dr. Stapleton and Tammy’s Dynamic

Tammy needs to have six full sessions with Connie or she will not be approved for weight loss surgery. During her second session, she was pretty rude toward Dr. Stapleton. She refused to tell her what she does during the day. As they were chatting more and more, Tammy simply told her to “stop analyzing me” and then she just hung up on her! Of course, the way she approached this session had viewers pretty upset.

Fans were quick to start in on social media about how Tammy was acting. One wrote, “Tammy shuts down and hangs up on the one person who can really help her confront her issues and heal… her therapist did not deserve that.” Another wrote, “GIRL! It’s her job to analyze you. Calm down! This is why I can’t stand her. She is disrespectful to those trying to help her.” It is clear that fans are not happy with Tammy’s attitude so we will have to continue to watch to see what happens next.

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