90 Day Fiance Star Stephanie Matto Boasts About Unfiltrd Income

90 Day Fiance Star Stephanie Matto Boasts About Unfiltrd Income

90 Day Fiance fans know that Stephanie Matto, who debuted as a same-sex couple on “The Other Way” makes cash off her Only Fans. Actually, she expanded her income with things like her Fart-In-Jar sales. Plus, she started on Unfiltred, an adult entertainment resource.  Not for the first time, she’s boasting about all the money she makes.

90 Day Fiance Fans Have Mixed Feelings On Stephanie Matto

Before Stephanie arrived on the TLC franchise, very few people did OnlyFans. However, she was very open about how she made her money. Apparently, she had lots of Patreon subscribers with fetishes. And, she delivered with no sense of shame. However, she got right into OnlyFans. These days, she also has Unfiltred. And along the way, she sold her money-making Farts-in-A-Jar, which some folks thought was hilarious, and others decided it was gross.

90 Day Fiance critics giggled when Stephanie got so much flatulence from her gas-inducing diet that she thought she had a heart attack. Not stressed, she started a second line of business. Again, critics said “eww” as she started selling fart sheets. At one stage, she boasted that just the fart products raked in over $200K and now she’s boasting about Unfiltred.

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Has A Lot Of Unfiltred Subscribers

On Friday, the former lover of Erika Owens took to Instagram and wrote, “I think it’s my vibrant ✨personality✨🫶! Ps. I miss you guys, I don’t post as much. Let’s talk. How’s the family? How’s 2023 so far? Tell me your darkest secrets! Tell me what you had for breakfast!” However, not everyone loved the reel that she posted alongside her caption.

90 Day Fiance Star Stephanie Matto Boasts About Unfiltrd Income
Stephanie Matto / Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance alum wrote over her TikTok reel, “I’m not a 10 and I have the moves of someone needing a hip replacement, but I still have 5,000 people paying $10 a month on Unfiltrd.” Do the math folks, it’s like half a million a year.  Some folks like that sort of post, obviously, and some fans sent in their congrats. One of them wrote, “This is what we call a business woman, why y’all hating? She’s smart.” Actually, others wanted to know how to start up their own spicy content.

Other TLC Fans Comment

Other 90 Day Fiance fans seem a bit disgusted with Stephanie Matto. One of them commented, “Zero personality only farts.”

Another critic said, “Omg get over yourself!!!!!!” Meanwhile, some folks wondered why she always feels compelled to “boast” about how she makes her money. What are your thoughts? Do you think there’s anything wrong with the way the TLC star makes her money?  Let us know in the comments below.

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