Alaskan Bush People and Their Legal Dramas

Alaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates tease that the Brown family has faced a lot of legal dramas over the years and it doesn’t look like it’s coming to an end anytime soon.

The show premiered in 2014, and fans have watched the Browns live in the Alaskan wilderness and when they moved to Washington. They may have been on TV for several years, but they had to face a lot of problems, particularly legal ones.

The Brown Family & Falsification Charges

The Browns had problems with the government due to unsworn falsification and theft. They were also caught lying about their residency and claiming unearned paychecks.

They managed to claim more than $26,000 in dividend checks even though they didn’t live in the state of Alaska back then. They were also charged with 60 counts of unsworn falsification. Joshua and Billy pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 30 days in jail and were asked to pay fines, too.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Stole A Horse

Billy Brown once had some legal troubles before he died back in February 2021 because of a fatal seizure. Back when he was 27 years old, the Browns patriarch was arrested for stealing a horse. It all happened in El Paso, Texas. Back then, Amy was just 15 years old, and he took the horse to take her and an unnamed friend to Mexico.
Prior to this incident, Billy already had problems with the authorities for using bad checks. Billy pleaded guilty and got a 1-year probation.

“Because of the way we live our lives and the way we often unconventionally travel, I didn’t keep good track of our movements,” Billy told the judge.

“I accept full responsibility for filing for benefits without confirming that we met the requirements. We are committed to living in Alaska for the long term and we respect the state’s rules. I thought it best to settle to put this behind us,” he added.

Sexual Assault Accusation Against Matt

Matt Brown was accused of assaulting two women back in 2020. Jessica Jurges and Shelly Dawn decided to go public with their accusation even though the DA in charge decided not to prosecute the case.

Matt defended himself and said he was drunk in both incidents. He entered rehab while his brothers, Bear and Gabe, reportedly reached out to both women to apologize. Today, Matt is living alone and has cut contact with his family.

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