Counting On: Jinger Vuolo Gets Hate From Ben Seewald?

Counting On: Jinger Vuolo Gets Hate From Ben Seewald?Counting On fans heard that Jinger Vuolo wrote a book called “Becoming Free Indeed,” and it’s flying off the virtual shelves of Amazon. However, it seems very much about trying to save her siblings from the church that Jim Bob attends. Much of it reveals that she thinks she was brainwashed as a child. Now, it seems that Ben Seewald may have objected to the book and called her out in a sermon.

Counting On: Jessa, The Wife Of Ben Seewald Seemed Supportive

When Jinger Vuolo was busy promoting her book,  some folks saw that Jill Dillard liked her posts. So did Jessa, and then Joy-Anna Forsyth. So, it seemed that she got some silent support from some of her siblings. Folks were pleased about that as many of them are not happy with Bill Gothard, the founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP). In her book, Jinger talks about how his teachings made her unable to make her own decisions in life.

Counting On fans know that this sort of book will bring backlash within the family of Jim Bob Duggar. After all, she’s calling him out in a way. You might not know that Ben Seewald attends a different church than Jim Bob. As a pastor, he seems to use the pulpit to criticize Jessa’s family. Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball commented that he once seemed to respond to Derick Dillard via the pulpit. Is he now hating on Jinger and her book from the pulpit of the Immanuel Baptist Church in Springdale as well?

Counting On Criticism For Jinger By Ben Seewald?

Katie Joy tuned in and listened to Ben Seewald preaching on Sunday, and she seems to think that it can’t be a coincidence that he talked about betrayal. Playing snippets of the sermon, her followers discovered that Ben talked about how people “sell out” for money and fame. He also used the term “Judas” and mentioned folks getting clicked and “likes” on social media. In fact, he also talked about people trying to stay relevant for popularity

Counting On Jinger Vuolo Gets Hate From Ben Seewald
Via Without A Crystal Ball / YouTube

As far as Counting On fans can make out, Ben and Jim Bob Duggar seem to be closer at the moment than they were. Katie pointed out that although they were apparently not close, more often these days, Ben and Jessa are being seen at family gatherings. Katie wondered if it was their way of saying that Ben and Jessa are “with us.”

Hating Jinger To Protect His Job?

Katie theorized that Ben Seewald needs the Counting On family because he doesn’t earn very much in his “small church.” Perhaps he’s feeling threatened by the book? What do you think about the sermon? Do you think that Ben directed his sermon at Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo? Do you think that he takes a big exception to what was said in “Becoming Free Indeed?” Let us know in the comments below.

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