DDWTD News Little De’Aren Derrico Has A Terrifying Health Scare

DDWTD News Little De'Aren Derrico Has A Terrifying Health Scare

Doubling Down With The Derricos, (DDWTD,) fans met the triplets, De’Aren, Dawsyn, and Dyver after they were born in July 2019.  The new additions to the family included the fact that little Dawson suffered from a hole in the heart. Unfortunately, she later got covid, Luckily, the tough little starlet survived. Now, it was the turn of Ar’Aren Derrico to have a health scare. Will she be okay? Read on to find out.

DDWTD: De’Aren Derrico Is One Of The Newest Triplets

The giant family of kids included Darian, who’s off to college, her brother Derrick, the twins, Dallas and Denver, and more. Ober time, Karen welcomed the quintuplets, Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Deniko, and Dariz. Not keen on stopping with kids, Deon and his wife also welcomed Diez and Dior. Finally, the triplets, Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver arrived.

DDWTD fans who follow Deon and Karen know that there’s always a lot of dancing, singing, and fun in the family. Well, except when Karen lost a baby and grandma GG got sick. This time, a scare came along for De’Aren and the fun stopped. Actually, it’s interesting because the little kiddo will probably be okay now. However, at the time, her mom found out something new.

DDWTD: The Health Scare For De’Aren Derrico

On February 6, Karen took to her Instagram and shared a video of D’Aren in a medical facility. In her caption, she talked about how her little girl had “a major allergic reaction!” That came after her dad gave her “some cashews.” Interestingly, she’s had them “before,” but this time, the allergy kicked in.

DDWTD News Little DeAren Derrico Has A Health Scare
Karen Derrico / [Edited] /Instagram

The DDWTD starlet gave her parents a big fright as the symptoms seemed quite severe. Karen said, “her nostrils closed up (which is something I never knew could happen) but she could only breathe through her mouth.” As they rushed to the ER, she was “vomiting,” got “hives,” and complained that her throat hurt.

Treated And Other Kids Have The Allergy To Nuts

The DDWTD star noted that the quints also suffer from the same allergy. Fortunately, the doctor quickly administered treatment. Karin said, “After review, [the] doctor ordered an epi shot immediately plus a Rx of it! She joins the quintuplets with this allergy!”

The sudden onset of allergies to nuts can be terrifying. Luckily her parents knew to get immediate help. In the comments, it turned out that lots of people mentioned their own terrifying reactions to cashew nuts. Most of them make sure that these days, they always have an “Epipen” on hand.

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