Extreme Sisters Viewers Think Jessica and Christina Took Things Too Far

Extreme Sisters Viewers Think Jessica and Christina Took Things Too Far

Extreme Sisters returned to TLC and it brought back the two psychic sisters, Jessica and Christina. The first time they appeared, fans found out there seemed to be something that was clearly not normal. After just two episodes of the new season, viewers claim the sisters take things way too far, and they slammed TLC.

Extreme Sisters – Christina And Jessica Claimed They Were Telepathic

In 2021, TLC fans heard that the two girls learned about nature when they were young. In fact, they bonded so closely, that they don’t need words to communicate. Mind you, some fans might wish they’d communicated non-verbally in the latest episode.  For some folks, there’s something not quite right. Jessica’s ex-husband Mike once said that they were definitely not “normal.”

Fans found some aspects of the  Extreme Sisters interesting. After all, they both married, divorced, and had kids at the same time. And, they are so close, that it caused problems with their spouses.  Not to mention that the kids seemed a bit confused. Once, Jessica’s son Preston referred to the two women as both being his mother. Anyway, the show revealed that Christina was about to deliver another “sibling.”

Fans Feel Dusgusted By Jessia And Christina In Birth Segment

In the latest episode, Christina was about to give birth in a tub and she wanted it to be perfect. Actually, she had hoped to birth her “baby in the woods.” However, that seemed a bit impractical and her guy, John didn’t like it so she had it indoors. But Jessica was right there with her sister and that’s where fans were turned off.

Extreme Sisters Viewers Think Jessica and Christina Took Things Too Far
TLC Via @ghostof_lisasbabytoe / Instagram

When @ghostof_lisasbabytoe shared a screenshot of the Extreme Sisters on Instagram, they mentioned that they had discussed a vagina. That came when Jessica got up behind her sister, naked. Anyway, they’d also talked about how Jessica should use a “tampon” as she was having her “period.” That just grossed out a lot of people.

Taking It Too Far?

Plenty of TLC fans slammed the scene, the sisters, and TLC. One of them wrote, “That whole damn scene was fkn disturbing! That one sister is disgusting!”

Equally annoyed, another follower said, “This is where @tlc I can no longer watch this show. I’m really disgusted by this. There is NO reason for that. None.”

More comments followed like this one: “the TLC channel has changed these last years. No Hold Bars, anything goes. Some r interesting but some they need to leave behind there (sic)closed doors. Too much info now moms n sons what’s next.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Christina and Jessica and TLC went too far by sharing the footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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