Jinger Duggar Shares How She Went Days Without Food And Developed Eating Disorder

Jinger Duggar Shares How She Went Days Without Food And Developed Eating Disorder

Jinger Duggar’s memoir “Becoming Free Indeed” is finally out. It was scheduled to drop on Tuesday, January 31, and it did. And like promised, the book revealed a lot of personal details of the reality tv alum’s life.

One of the contents of the book that has people talking is where Jinger revealed that she once felt bad about her looks and it made her go days without eating. Jinger shared that due to her lack of feeding, she developed an eating disorder.

Jinger Duggar — What Led To Jinger Skipping Food

In her book “Becoming Free Indeed,” Jinger detailed that she began skipping meals at a very young age. She said it was because she felt like she didn’t look good enough. Even when she lost weight—which was what she wanted to lose from the onset, she was never satisfied with herself.

Jinger explained that she thought that by looking a certain type of way, she would be able to “please people.” So she began skipping her meals and stopped eating anything that contained calories.

“For years, I thought the best way to please others was to hide my imperfections. This led to some harmful behaviors, including the eating disorder I developed early in my teenage years,” said the “19 Days & Counting” alum.

She continued, “Convinced my body was an embarrassment, I ate very little. I’d go days hardly consuming any calories. My weight dropped, but my body image didn’t improve. It almost never does in those situations because the weight isn’t the problem.”

She also added, “No matter how thin I was, I wasn’t satisfied with the way I looked. This obsession with body image was terrible for my physical health and it certainly wasn’t good for me spiritually. It was a downward spiral that could have gotten worse and worse.”

Jinger Duggar — Jinger Was Able To Overcome Her Eating Disorder With Her Mom’s Help

Jinger also acknowledged that there were days when she would intentionally sleep late so that she would wake up late when her family was done with their food. She also admitted to taking longer time in eating her meals and that she ends up not finishing them.

Jinger Duggar Shares How She Went Days Without Food And Developed Eating Disorder

Then, Jinger said that her mom was her saving grace. It was good for her because her mom had similar experience with eating disorder when she was about Jinger’s age. “Thankfully, my eating struggles were short-lived, in large part due to my mom’s help.”

Jinger said, “She asked me to text her what I was eating and how often. She also monitored my workout schedule and even turned this into an opportunity to keep her accountable with working out. It was a great way for us to be partners in taking care of our health.”

According to Jinger, the texting and joint workout between her and her mother made them bond really well. “My mom had shared with me what she’s shared with the world: she had struggled with her eating, too, when she was my age. I felt no judgment from her, just love and care. I knew I was going to be okay because she had been through it.”

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