Long Island Medium Spoilers: Theresa Caputo Slams Trolls For Harsh Words About her Daughter

Long Island Medium Spoilers: Theresa Caputo Slams Trolls For Harsh Words About her Daughter

Long Island Medium spoilers reveal that Theresa Caputo is putting her foot down. She has had it with the online trolls that constantly want to critique her family. Just this past week, she took the time to scold one of the trolls that called her daughter overweight. Her daughter, Victoria Caputo shared a video of herself and she joked about how she didn’t need to put on makeup. The comments got a little bold and that is when Theresa had it!

The Trolls Attack Victoria

As soon as Victoria shared this video, one of her followers left her a very rude message. The message read, “Oh, you need makeup and you need to also lose some of that phat off your a$$. You have been very overweight for so long and you don’t even try to lose weight or look good.

You used to be a cute girl now you’re just an overweight middle-aged woman.” Keep in mind that Victoria is only 28 years old and this follower was clearly not happy with her post. No one is entirely sure why they lashed out at her like this.

No matter what the reason was behind them writing what they did, Theresa was not happy about it. She took to her Instagram Stories to share her feelings with her fans. She wrote, “Can you believe what this person commented on my daughter’s page? What is wrong with people?” Of course, Victoria got a lot of love from her followers and they told her to just try and ignore the negative people. One told her, “You are strong and beautiful. Don’t change that!”

Long Island Medium Spoilers: Theresa Caputo Slams Trolls For Harsh Words About her Daughter

Victoria’s Followers Help

It was terribly rude for one follower to use such harsh words for Victoria. Her fans continued to rally behind her and give her love. One more added, “It hurts me how cruel people are. You are a beautiful person and I don’t understand what people get out of being mean and saying stupid things.” Another added, “I’m very shocked by the nasty, rude comments people leave you. You’re so beautiful. You’ve always been. Beauty isn’t a number on the scale. They need to get a life!”

No matter what the trolls said to Victoria, she seemed to be undisturbed by the horrible comments. She knows that she loves the way that she looks and that is all she could ask for. It seems as if trolls will always have their say on social media and for reality television stars, it can be tough.

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