Mama June Fans Momentarily Bewildered By Justin Stroud

Mama June Fans Momentarily Bewildered By Justin StroudMama June married Justin Stroud after she dumped both Geno Doak and her former husband Mike Thompson, a.k.a Sugar Bear.  These days, fans who follow the couple on social media see quite a lot of photos of Justin and his new wife. But when photos of their second wedding arrived, WEtv fans were momentarily bewildered. So, what happened? Read on to find out.

Mama June: Family Crisis Spoilers About Justin Stroud

A new season premieres on WEtv on May 5, and a teaser for the show revealed that Justin and his wife married again. If you don’t know, they previously tied the knot in a courthouse. However, she wanted a special wedding for all the family.  The “Not to Hot” star said that she made “plan B” to get the family to go along. Surprisingly, all of her daughters were there despite Alana claiming she wouldn’t go.

Mama June raves about Justin and fans first met him in the last season of Road To Redemption. Recall, her daughters, Lauryn and Alana were not raving about him. Neither were viewers of the show. Additionally, fans thought that she rushed too fast into a new relationship. However, she thinks he’s the best thing that ever happened in her life.

Mama June: Family Crisis Fans Are Taken Aback By Justin

On February 24, Alana’s mom posted up a slide show of herself getting married to Justin on a beach in Florida. In her caption, she said, “LOL it was more like at first I was in his dms on TikTok trying to get his attention when we started being friends almost 2 years ago and look at us LOL.” He replied and told her how much he loves her.

Mama June Family Crisis June and Justin Stroud
June Shannon / Instagram

Many Mama June fans were bewildered when the slideshow started, as they claimed that they thought she shared photos of herself with Sugar Bear.  Actually, it’s not the first time that folks agreed that there is a likeness. In June last year, the subject was discussed after fans saw him in a teaser for Road to Redemption.

WEtv Fans Discuss The Two Men

Mama June fans took to the comments section of the slideshow. One of them said, “I thought that was Sugar Bear!! ❤️”

Another follower opined, “i swear i thought it was sugar bear skinny from doing crack for a few years. 😂”

Meanwhile, one fan claimed, “i had to take [a] second look lol.”

Here’s another comment: “He is like a young sugar bear!❤️”

Below here, there are two comparison photos. Justin is on the left and Sugar Bear is on the right. Do you think there’s an uncanny likeness between them? Did you momentarily feel confused when you saw the photos of the couple at their wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

Justin Stroud and Sugar Bear


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SOURCES: June Shannon Instagram

  1. Sonia Chambers says

    They look so much alike they could be twins “DAME”

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