My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Confusion about Steven Assanti’s Death

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Confusion about Steven Assanti's Death

My 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that there has been some confusion about the fact that some fans thought that Steven Assanti was dead. Just this past week, his brother, Justin Assanti, who has a very strained relationship with his brother, made sure to tell fans of the show that Steven is, in fact, alive. He kept seeing the rumors online and just knew that he had to put a stop to these rumors.

Steven’s Time on the Show

When Steven came to Dr. Now for help, he was ready to lose weight and get his health back in order. His brother, Justin sought Dr. Now’s help as well. They both followed his diet and had weight loss surgery. Steven actually got kicked out of the hospital for substance abuse and for the way he talked to the staff there.

It turns out that even though they did go through all of this together, the brothers are not speaking. However, Justin had to address what had been going on with all of the rumors that he has heard.

He took to Facebook to tell his followers that his brother was not dead. He wrote, “I need to address more of this stuff again. Messages, phone calls, and new articles and the production company. Steven Assanti did not pass away. He is alive and in his apartment. I have no direct contact with him but my father does and they talk every night. Hopefully, this message will reach those making the news articles/ phone calls and messages.”

Justin And Fans

Justin isn’t exactly happy about having fans. He told fans that he “wants to be left alone with his nonsense.” He added that he never “wants to be part of that TV show again.” He told his followers that his contract is over and he wants to put it all behind him. He continues to stand by the fact that his brother is alive, although they do not speak.

The relationship between Steven and Justin always seemed strained. With Steven’s dependency on drugs, it seemed clear that their paths were not meant to go the same way. Fans of the brothers do hope that Steven is doing well these days and that the rumors can be put to rest. It is complicated when you’re a reality tv star and the rumors begin to fly. This rumor actually came from a “Family friend” who shared the news with an Instagram gossip account. For now, we will continue to keep an eye on the Assanti brothers to make sure they’re both doing alright.

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