My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Update on Tara Taylor

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Update on Tara Taylor

My 600-Life spoilers reveal that fans are really happy to learn more about Tara Taylor. When she first appeared on the show with Dr. Now, during the second season, she was looking for help to lose weight and find the motivation to do so. Dr. Now was just the right fit for her. When she came to him, she weighed 606 pounds. She knew that her health and life were at risk if she didn’t lose this extra weight.

The Weight Loss Battle

Tara had a very hard childhood and that was one of the many reasons that she turned to food. She developed an eating disorder as a child because she was always struggling with her weight. Not only did her obesity put her life in danger, but she also had severe joint pain and breathing issues as well. She found it incredibly tough to even watch over her own children because of how heavy she had gotten.

With the help of Dr. Now, she was able to lose 278 pounds during her episode on the show. This happened in less than a year and it was evident that she was motivated to do it. She qualified for gastric bypass surgery and she was very happy with the results. Not only that, she knew that she had to change her lifestyle, diet, and exercise and she followed through with it. Tara became a fan favorite because of how determined she was to change her life.

What’s Tara Doing Now?

Tara always thought that food was her enemy and the way that she would eat made it clear. Now she is pretty active on social media. In a recent post on Facebook, her fans noticed just how great she looks these days. She admitted that when she had her kids, she always put them first and never really thought about herself until it was too late. Now she has a better grasp on her diet and the ways to live healthier and happier.

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Update on Tara Taylor

Not only has Tara changed her eating habits, but she has changed her mindset as well. While working with Dr. Now and a personal trainer, she made leaps and bounds with her weight loss and she is a true inspiration to those who don’t think that they can do it. She pushed herself to the limits to make her weight loss journey happen. Tara’s new photos are evidence of just how much someone can push themselves to accomplish their goals and live their best life.

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