OutDaughtered Star Adam Busby Terrifies Blayke’s Friends

OutDaughtered Star Adam Busby Terrifies Blayke's Friends

OutDaughtered fans know that Adam Busby loves nothing better than trying to scare the quints, Blayke, and even Beaux the dog. Well, this weekend, he terrified some friends who arrived for a sleepover at the Busby house in League City.  Blayke Busby was also scared, so he must have done a good job. Presumably, she’s used to her dad being a bit naughty with the kids. So, what did he do this time?

OutDaughtered: Scary Adam Busby Didn’t Fail To Terrify

When the quints were younger, some TLC fans slammed him for making the kids so afraid. Every Halloween became a scream-fest as he appeared in monstrous outfits. Once, he even terrified the dog and Danielle got a bit irritated with him. However, now that the quints are a bit older, they don’t get scared so easily. In fact, he failed terribly with Riley in 2021.

The OutDaughtered kids love going for sleepovers. Remember when Blaykle turned 10 years old? She had friends over for days. This weekend, Adam obviously decided to prank Blayke when her friends arrived to spend the night. Actually, he put a lot of effort into terrifying them out of their wits. In fact, it was Danielle who shared about it and she thought it was hilarious.

OutDaughtered: Terrified Screams In Adam Busby’s House

On February 6, Danielle took to her Instagram Stories and revealed herself lying in bed. It was late and dark. In her video clip, she said that Adam had pranked Blayke and her friends. In the background, all fans could hear was screaming. Actually, it’s a surprise that the neighbors didn’t call the cops for help.

OutDaughtered Star Adam Busby Terrifies Blaykes Friends
Danielle Busby / Edited / Instagram Stories

OutDaughtered fans heard from Danielle that Adam put a “speaker” in the house and played really scary “knocking sounds.” As Danielle took her fans down the passage in the video, they could hear scrambling sounds, anxious voices asking what the knocking sound was, and screams. As they came down the stairs, Blayke’s mom captured them looking utterly terrified.

TLC Fans Couldn’t Comment

OutDaughtered fans often slammed Adam for terrifying the kids in the past. Maybe, that’s why Danielle shared the video of the terrified kids in her Stories. As it’s not even Halloween right now, perhaps the quints and their big sister should not relax too much. Clearly, Adam’s becoming more inventive in thinking up ways to scare the kids.

Notably, no photos came showing Blayke and her friends smiling at the joke. Hopefully, they didn’t get too much of a big shock. Also, the quints didn’t rush downstairs, so perhaps they were sleeping over with their cousins.

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