Sister Wives Fans Take A Moment To Appreciate Truely Brown

Sister Wives Fans Take A Moment To Appreciate Truely Brown

Sister Wives fans felt very sorry for Truely when her mom, Christine Brown left her husband, Kody. After all, they relocated to Salt Lake City in Utah, and she probably missed her half-sisters, Ariella and Savanah. Well, since she arrived in Utah, Christine’s daughter has grown up a lot and TLC fans adore her. This week, they took a moment to appreciate her when her sister Ysable posted about Gwendlyn Brown becoming engaged to her girlfriend, Beatriz Queiroz.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown Is A Mood These days

Christine Brown admitted in the last season of the show, that she took too long to tell her youngest daughter that she was leaving her dad. Actually, Ysabel was around to comfort her when the time came. One of Truely’s friends had experienced a divorce, and it didn’t go well. So, she was terrified that her own mom and dad might split. Anyway, she seems to be okay now, but fans love her when she puts out a mood.

Sister Wives fans recently saw Truely in a total mood and it made them laugh. Not long ago, her mom was doing a challenge on TikTok, when her daughter walked into the room. Stunned at her mom’s antics, she stood there with a deadpan face before she just walked out again. Actually, a lot of TLC followers got a good laugh as she ghosted quietly away. This week, another opportunity arrived to appreciate her.

Sister Wives Star Ysabel Brwon Posts About Gwendlyn

Fans who follow Gwendlyn Brown on Instagram and Patreon know that she recently became engaged to her girlfriend, Beatriz. Anyway, this weekend, Ysabel shared a whole bunch of photos of Christine, Beatriz, Gwen, herself, Truely, and a few other people. Mykelti and Aspyn were also there. Judging by the hearts, they celebrated the engagement

Sister Wives Fans Take A Moment To Appreciate Truely Brown
Ysabel Brown/ Instagram

Sister Wives fans saw that Ysabel captioned her post with, “Please notice Gwendlyn’s socks (Bea’s face) also they’re engaged!!.” Many people sent in their congrats, but it was Truely who stole the limelight in one photo. While everyone else was smiling, Truely looked ready to ghost again. Clearly, she doesn’t like posed family photos.

Appreciation Comments From TLC Fans

One person who saw the post by the Sister Wives star on Instagram said, “Truely makes these pics look like an album cover, what rock stars 😍.”

Another one commented, “Truly (sic) looks like she’s preparing for battle and I’m here for it!”

More comments followed and one of them read, “Let’s take a moment to appreciate Truely❤️.”

What do you think of Truely Brown looking ready to take on the world with her mood? Let us know in the comments below.

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