Sister Wives Spoilers: How Does Gwen Brown Think Her Father Has Changed?

Sister Wives Spoilers: How Does Gwen Brown Think Her Father Has Changed?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Gwen Brown has been opening up a lot more about her family. She has started to post more on her YouTube channel and this has enlightened many of her fans. It turns out that many of her fans want to learn more about her father, Kody Brown. Gwen decided that she would talk to her fans about the ways that he has changed.

Gwen doesn’t seem to be the only one of Kody’s children to notice that he has changed since they were younger. In fact, she spoke very openly about it to her followers and on YouTube. She started, “He really has changed. The reason I think he started changing is that his kids used to be young and easily manipulated and I think he found it easier to talk to them back then. We weren’t as opinionated.” She also added that Kody doesn’t speak to all of his children and that could be because of their views and opinions. Many of them do not hold back when it comes to their father.

Gwen Notices Changes in Kody

She added, “Now we’re adults and we have our opinions. We have our adult thoughts and we have things we do as adults and I think he just found it easier to talk to us when we weren’t as opinionated.” Gwen’s fans weren’t shocked at all to hear this coming from her. They know that he has changed just from seeing him on the show.

As soon as Christine Brown made the announcement that she was leaving Kody, Gwen was quick to share her support. She cares for her mother so much and will always stand by her. She talked openly about that situation as well. “It’s not fair for him to blame it on my mom when he’s the one that’s not showing up.

Sister Wives Spoilers: How Does Gwen Brown Think Her Father Has Changed?

Gwen Supports Christine Brown

I probably am the worst one in the situation because I complained all the time about how my dad hadn’t shown up… It’s definitely not my mom. It was most likely if anyone was feeling information to her, it was probably me.”

Christine was just seen at Gwen’s engagement party, along with her four sisters. The ladies looked amazing and it turned out to be a wonderful celebration for Gwen and her fiance. If you want to hear more of Gwen’s thoughts on her famous family, you can follow her YouTube channel. You can also find her on her Instagram account, where she posts very regularly.

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