Sister Wives: Why Does Tony Padron Rule Out Driving For Avalon?

Sister Wives: Why Does Tony Padron Rule Out Driving For Avalon?

Sister Wives followers have embraced the youngsters of the show as their own. Young Avalon, daughter to Mykelti and Tony Padron, will soon be turning two years old. Actually, TLC fans have enjoyed watching her grow up. Naturally, an exciting part of raising a child is the hopes and dreams a parent holds for their bright future. Read on to find out why her dad ruled out driving for her.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron And Family Celebrate Milestones

Mykelti and her husband shared their sixth anniversary in December 2022. So, in an endearing post, Mykelti sent a shoutout to her baby daddy. The mum of three mentioned the children, four moves, and three homes. Naturally, raising a toddler and the twins came with challenges and hardships. Mykelti acknowledged both the good times and the hard times.

In other posts, Sister Wives fans see that  Avalon is growing up and meeting her milestones. In March 2022, Mykelti and Tony celebrated a special milestone. Mykelti took to Instagram to show off Avalon’s new trick. Just one month shy of a year old, Avalon learned to walk! In the pic, a nervous daddy held her steady until she was ready to go. And just like that, Avalon started walking. But now, Tony’s mind turns to the future.

Sister Wives: Avalon Practices Her Driving Skills

Recently, Tony snapped a pic of Avalon in her cute outfit, driving a play car at the arcade. Proud daddy’s Instagram post read, “Personally I believe that by the time she’s 16, she won’t be driving. She’ll have a subscription to a self driving car to take her around.” Tony also thanked Christine Brown, grandma to Avalon, for her bumblebee outfit.

Sister Wives Why Does Tony Padron Rule Out Driving For Avalon
Tony Padron / Instagram

Naturally, those who hoped Tony wasn’t being too over-protective felt happy that he talked about the future of transportation. Many fans of the TLC show only recently started following him all that often. Actually, since the twins arrived, fans see a lot of photos of them and also of him interacting with Avalon.

Tony’s posts often attract likes and supportive comments

In the comments section of his post, one follower wrote, “That is exactly what I’ve been saying about my daughter!” They added, “They won’t even need to bother to learn how to drive. Thanks.”

Meanwhile, Mykelti conceded, “the future is gonna get us all.”

Another follower noted, “My goodness she’s growing fast, 16 will sneak up on ya.”

Do you think our children can look forward to self-driving cars or would driving lessons still be a necessity in about 12 years’ time? Let us know in the comments below.

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