Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Fans Question Where Kim Plath Is

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Fans Question Where Kim Plath Is

Welcome to Plathville spoilers reveal that fans have grown concerned about where Kim Plath has been. It recently came up that she was not in one of the Plath family photos. We know that Kim has been going through some legal issues with her DUI and she could be laying low until they blow over. We also know that Moriah Plath and Kim haven’t seen eye to eye on things in quite some time. Not only does Kim have all of this happening in her life, but in October 2022, she and her husband, Barry Plath announced that they were divorcing one another.

Where Is Kim?

In one of Moriah’s newest family photos, Kim wasn’t there and this has fans curious as to what is going on with her these days. Moriah’s photo was of her with her sisters and their dad, Barry. As soon as she shared it, Redditors were quick to express their thoughts on why Kim wasn’t there. Many of the Redditors who replied noted that during a divorce, generally both parents try to keep their distance and aren’t always in all of the family photos.

One Redditor added, “They all know that their new season is probably coming up soon, so they probably are doing this to get fans talking. I can recall Moriah doing this a lot for previous seasons on her IG.” Another wrote, “I think she didn’t want to be a more anymore. It was perfectly clear in the last season.”

What Is Next For The Plaths?

Not only did Redditors comment on how Kim was not there, but there were also a few that mentioned that they thought she was in a treatment facility for her alcohol problem. One more fan mentioned that they thought that Kim was having an affair and that is why she brought Nigel home.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Fans Question Where Kim Plath Is

They wrote, “I think there was more going on with that Nigel guy she randomly brought home for dinner.” It is clear that fans would like to see more of Kim and find out where she is, but it was evident that she was not hanging out with her daughters.

As for the Plath family, the rumors are going around that they are all getting ready for the fifth season of the show. We hope to see more of the Plaths and hopefully, another season would help us to find out what is going on with Kim these days. We will continue to keep an eye on her and her family.

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