1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy Halterman Throws Shade in New Post

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that in one of Amy Halterman’s newest posts, she seems to be throwing shade at Michael Halterman. Recently, a source close to her admitted to fans that they had split up. She took the kids and went to her sister, Tammy Slaton for help with her sons and a place to stay. Since their split, Amy has been seen on social media and looking happier than ever! In a new post about her children this week, she seems to throw shade in Michael’s direction.

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Glenn’s Special Day

Amy wanted to share with her fans that her son, Glenn was celebrating his eight-month mark. She shared some adorable photos of him while he was in his car seat. She captioned them, “Happy 8 months-baby mama, and Gage and everyone loves you, baby!” As she shared this, her fans noticed that she didn’t even mention Michael.

There has been a lot of speculation about Amy and Michael’s relationship for months now. As fans have watched the show, there has definitely been some tension between them. Fans looked on as Michael and Amy went to a picnic with the family and he did nothing to help her with their kids. In fact, one of her sisters had to step up and help her because he wouldn’t. This really bothered a lot of viewers and it turns out that this probably wasn’t the only time he acted in this way.

Amy and Michael’s Marriage

Things have apparently been very rough between 8year now. A source close to the sisters mentioned that she wanted her kids to be part of the show, but he was against it from day one. They also pointed out that he hasn’t helped her with the kids and feels that working is enough. Amy has not filed for divorce, but in recent photos, she is not wearing her wedding ring. Amy hasn’t disappeared from social media. In fact, she has been seen with her family on TikTok quite a bit.

Fans of the Slaton sisters feel that Amy has more than likely made the right choice in leaving Michael. Things have been rough for them and she does have a big enough support system to help her with the boys. Her fans and family continue to boost her up and let her know that she can do this and has all the support in the world to get through it. Fans can keep an eye on her Instagram account for updates.

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