1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Halterman Rocks Her Swanky Bag

1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Halterman Rocks Her Swanky Bag

1000-Lb Sisters fans became irritated with Amy Haltermna at one stage. Firstly, viewers argued over whether it was the right thing for her and Michael to move into a home without Tammy. Then, she fell pregnant twice while carrying too much weight. But since the news that she split from Michael arrived, she gets a lot of support. And fans like to joke with her. This weekend, it was all about her swanky bag.

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Halterman Gets Emotional

TLC fans backed off trolling Amy when they saw that Michael wouldn’t help her with the two boys, Gage and Glenn. Actually, fans felt really bad for her because she cried in her confessional. Apparently, things went south because Michael’s lazy and left her to do everything by herself with the kids. Certainly, it seemed that without Amanda to help out, she might have cried a river. Well, TLC fans urged her to dump him, not knowing that she was doing just that.

1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that Amy seemed unhappy on the day that Tammy Slaton married Caleb Willingham. Actually, she got teary-eyed again and decided she felt terrible about “losing” her sister. Well, maybe she just felt so emotional because her sister was happy but it hadn’t been a great year for her. Apparently, she’s living with Tammy now, so perhaps that’s why she looked a bit happier as she rocked her swanky bag this weekend.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans See Amy Halterman Rock Her Style

The TLC star really has her very own style. Often, she colors her hair and she also seems to just throw on whatever pops out of the laundry. But this weekend, she went with black color coordination. Her black jacket went well with her pants and her gray boots. Even her shades were black. But all eyes focused on the Gucci handbag.

1000-Lb Sisters Amy Halterman Gucci
Amy Halterman / Instagram

Many 1000-Lb Sisters fans thought that the bag must be fake. After all, rumors swirl that Amy and Tammy don’t earn a huge amount from TLC. However, her loyal fans don’t care if it’s fake or the genuine thing. They just like to see her looking a bit at peace. One of them joked, “Oh good we sold Michael for a nice hand bag 😂😂.”

TLC Fans Like The Bag Even If it’s Fake Gucci

While some folks argued about the bag that the 1000-Lb Sisters star flaunted, others just sent good thoughts her way. A follower wrote, “That’s Amy SLAYton 💅🏻.” With others saying “gucci slay,” or “you better rock that Gucci girl!”

Overall, there seemed to be a nice vibe among the commenters. One of them wrote, “I literally love how everyone on here supports her. Everyone used to be soooo mean to her 😢 So happy for you, Amy!!!!!!! Get it girllllllllll”

What are your thoughts about Amy with a Gucci bag? Does it matter if it’s fake or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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