1000-Lb Sisters Wives Fans React – New Man On Tammy’s TikTok

1000-Lb Sisters Wives Fans React - New Man On Tammy's TikTok

1000-Lb Sisters fans wanted Tammy Slaton to lose weight and find happiness. Now she has, rumors already started to suggest that she and Caleb Willingham won’t last as a couple. Folks examine things in minute detail to look for cracks in their relationship. So, when she appeared in a TikTok video with a new man some people seemed alarmed. But is she flirting with a new potential boyfriend?

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Suspect Tammy & Caleb Have Issues

Tammy Slaton is notorious for falling in love with men on TikTok. So, when people see her with men on the site, they get suspicious. Additionally, they start feeling a bit suspicious about Caleb Willingham as well. The couple tied the knot in November last year at the Ohio-based rehabilitation facility. But on the show, he told her that he’d only entered that facility because he knew she was there. So basically, he stalked her, fans fear.

1000-Lb Sisters fans feared that Tammy might not behave herself in rehab. But they were surprised to see her tell a member of staff that she couldn’t eat any of the food on the menu. Clearly, she took her weight loss seriously. But she nearly was a naughty girl when someone sent her some candy to promote. However, she just tasted a tiny little piece before she overcame temptation. Certainly, it seems that her love for Caleb and her new attitude paid off.

1000-Lb Sisters – Tammy Slaton’s Naughty With A Man?

The video tagged @go4toke and the caption said, “bad little boy.” In the video, the guy talked about how Tammy’s “a good girl now.”  But “she’s gonna be a bad little girl soon.” Perhaps people thought he meant they were going to sneak into a closet for some funky times. Not that it would be easy with a trach and a wheelchair.

1000-Lb Sisters Wives Fans React - New Man On Tammy's TikTok

One 1000-Lb Sisters fan asked, “What abt your husband?” Meanwhile, another one wrote, “WHAT IS THIS??? it must be OLD.” And another TLC fan noted, “You don’t look like Caleb?￰The comments kept coming in. Here’s another one: “Where’s your husband?.” But one other person suggested that the guy in the video looked like he might “work at the rehab.”

Old Video – Does The Man Might Work At The Rehab?

1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that Tammy looked a bit larger than she does now that she lost enough weight to hopefully undergo gastric surgery. Additionally, the horns on her head showed that she was joking around. Also, the guy wore a tunic sort of top that looked like something a worker at the rehab might wear.

Anyway, the guy has an Instagram profile where he’s known as Tokyodynasty. In fact, his profile describes him as “Tokyo of Tokyo Dynasty™ Producer/Creative Director/Casting Director @ascensioncasting …The Experience where one would Ascend Film & Entertainment”

What are your thoughts? Did you think the man and Tammy were just joking around and he might have worked there? Meanwhile, it turns out he is in the entertainment industry. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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