Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Raiven Brown Leaves Bear Brown Again

Alaskan Bush People spoilers reveal that Raiven Brown has left Bear Brown yet again. Just recently, they welcomed their second child together and in a strange turn of events, she has told her fans that the couple is done for good. This comes as such a shock since they seemed to be doing very well together as they were getting ready to welcome Cove into the world. Fans are curious as to what has made her change her mind this time around.

Raiven Explains Her Relationship With Bear

Just last month, Bear and Raiven struggled with the birth of their child, Cove. He was in the NICU for a few weeks and it was really hard on both of them. In her newest Instagram post, she told her fans that she is now a “single parent.” She posted in her Stories this past weekend and shared an adorable picture of herself with River and Cove. The two boys were fast asleep and Raiven wanted to share her feelings with her fans at that time. She captioned the post, “The boys and I moved to Washington and I shipped everything with a Uhaul box thing.”

Alaskan Bush People Raiven Brown Teases The Name Of Her Second Child

Raiven went on, “So I’ve been living out of a bag with a newborn and a toddler. Now the shipment that was supposed to arrive today is delayed. Lol, my luck, I tell you. I’m gonna cry hahaha. Taking care of two kids as a single parent is challenging. Much less with six onesies each. I’m so tired of laundry.” Of course, her fans grew very concerned about what was going on with her and Bear. He has yet to make any comments about what has happened between them.

Bear and Raiven’s Past

Raiven and Bear have had a shaky past. There have been domestic abuse allegations between them. When she got pregnant with Cove, she actually separated from him. She said that he gave her so much stress and that since her pregnancy with high-risk, she needed to separate herself from him. This was a huge red flag then. Some of her fans felt as if she should have just left him at that point for good.

She has tried to make things work between them, but she hasn’t revealed exactly what has caused them to break up again. Is it the way that he treats her? Can they not get along anymore? Her fans will just have to continue to watch what happens on their social media accounts to see if either of them tells fans what happened in their marriage and if they ever will get back together.

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