Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Joins Instagram

Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Joins Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown stayed off Instagram but now her son Bear revealed that she has finally joined, Of course, she’s not yet verified. But, Discovery fans sound delighted by the news. So, plenty of them went off to welcome her.

Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Went Through A Lot

Fans admire Ami because she did a good job raising her kids. Additionally, they felt fearful for her when she so bravely battled cancer. On top of that, her husband Billy died suddenly. And then, she ended up fighting an investor named Robert Maughon who filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Billy’s estate. Apparently, he wanted payment, alleging that Billy failed to pay him any profits from the show.

Another issue that possibly played on her mind was the death of the Alaskan Bush People family’s relative, Amber Branson. Amber, the daughter of her brother Rene was estranged from the TLC stars at the time. Sadly, she died after being seriously injured in a fire in her home in Texas. Now that she lost her own husband as well, that sort of thing must trouble her sometimes. But at the moment, she looks happy on her new Instagram account.

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Announces Ami Brown

When Bear took to his own Instagram on March 15, he shared a nice photo of his mom with his late dad, Billy. In his caption, he wrote, “Hey everybody! My siblings and I have been trying to get Mom on Instagram for quite a while and guess what? We finally did it!!!” Next, he tagged his mom and asked his own followers to “let her know how welcomed she is!!!!”

Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Joins Instagram
Bear Brown / Instagram

Alaskan Bush People fans quickly rushed over to visit Ami’s new Instagram account. Clearly, the Discovery star is still very popular, as she cranked up over 14K followers in just hours. On her page, she posted three photos so far. In one of them, she held her dog. Then in another one, she gave a victory sign and the final one showed her with a  horse.

Fans welcome Amu Browen To Instgaram

Plenty of people welcomed the Alaskan Bush People star to the social media platform. One of them commented, “So happy to see you on here and to see you smiling. My family and I just adore you and your wolf pack!!❤️❤️ beautiful horse there with you. Looking forward to seeing more of you, Beautiful Ami!❤️.”

Another happy follower said, “Hi Ami, welcome to the ‘gram. Hope to see lots of pics of you with Grandkids as well as ones with your kids and animals. ❤️ Have fun with it and ignore the trolls.”

Hopefully, not too many trolls will hit her up on the new platform. Are you happy to see Ami Brown on Instagram? Shout out in the comments below.

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