Counting On Fans Slam Michelle Duggar For Bizarre Beach Outfit

Counting On Fans Slam Michelle Duggar For Bizarre Beach Outfit

Counting On fans were always saddened to see that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar always made too many rules for the kids. In particular, their daughters got the most sympathy because of all the strict clothing codes. Never ever, were they allowed to wear long pants, short pants, or revealing outfits. Well, some of them changed, but not Michelle who wore a weird outfit to the beach. At least, that’s the opinion of folks on social media.

Counting On Critics Bash Michelle Duggar For Her Style

Jim Bob Duggar seems to be the reason why his wife dresses oddly compared to other people her age. Of course, it’s all tied to their religion. As modesty is the rule of the day, sometimes, Michelle throws together outfits and seems dowdy or just clearly ill-matched between skirts and tops. Then putting leggings under a skirt seems over the top to TLC fans.

Counting On fans cheer because Jinger Vuolo and her sister Jill Dillard often break the rules with clothing and jewelry. At one stage, TLC fans went crazy with joy because they saw Jinger wearing a tiny pair of shorts. Of course, that’s natural for most people but not in the Duggar clan. This week, a photo of Michelle at the beach definitely didn’t show her in tiny pants.

Counting On Photo Of Michelle Gets slammed

This week, a photo of Michelle Duggar arrived on Reddit. The Snark community looked, gasped, and then slammed the outfit that she clearly thought was suitable for a trip to the beach. It’s not clear where the photo came from, but it was posted by u/MsMigginsPieShop. In the caption, they wrote, “Meech at the beach!” Then at the bottom, some text read, “Her elbows are stirring up desires that can’t be righteously fulfilled!”

Counting On Fans Slam Michelle Duggar For Bizarre Beach Outfit
u/MsMigginsPieShop / Reddit

Counting On followers quickly took to the comments because they thought the outfit was so not for the beach. U/feed-me-tacos was amazed. They said, “A skirt, leggings, and tights (or high socks). Incredible.”

Meanwhile, others talked about how the jacket had the sleeves pushed up, and that might have exposed too much flesh in Jim Bob’s rulebook.

More Comments

Counting On fans who joined the conversation genuinely seemed amazed that anyone might dress like Michelle on a trip to a beach. U/sheilae409 opined, “She wants to be the most modest. So what does she do? She wears the weirdest get-up of anyone else at the beach. Now EVERYBODY is staring at them because BOOB experienced sexual shame/humiliation and loss of control as a kid.”

Others just laughed and joked at Michelle’s expense. U/Indigomoonz quipped, “This photo would be so much funnier if somebody added in a bottle of Jack in her hand instead of that water bottle.”

What are your thoughts on shoes, leggings, light, a skirt, and a long-sleeved top at the beach? Let us know in the comments below.

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