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Counting On: Jim-Bob And Michelle Duggar Dumped By Their Church?

Counting On stars Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar have been surrounded by what seems like never-ending controversy over the course of the past few years.  Of course, the majority of that drama started with their eldest son Josh Duggar, his high-profile child pornography case, his molestation victims/sisters, and the fallout that followed the bombshells.  Has the IBLP decided to cut ties with the scandalous famous family?

They Are Members of Institute of Basic Life Principles

When the Duggars first made their television debut on 19 Kids And Counting over a decade ago, curious fans did their research and learned that the bizarre Arkansas Family were members of Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP), a strict and radical Christian religion.  Over the years, the Duggars basically put IBLP on the map, the majority of TLC viewers had never heard of the religion until 19 Kids And Counting began airing on television.

Over the years, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been IBLP’s golden children and they have used the reality TV stars to make multiple appearances and help promote the growing religion.  It’s safe to say Counting On has helped the Institute of Basic Life Principles spread their word and recruit new members.  Most of us never even heard of the religion (which is often compared to a cult) until the Duggars hit our TV screens.

On a Duggar discussion board on Reddit, eagle-eyed Counting On fans noticed that the IBPL has actually dropped Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as speakers this year.  It could be a simple scheduling conflict, or it could be something much deeper.  Is the religion actually trying to distance themselves from the famous family.

You have to admit that Josh Duggar’s arrest and molestation accusations are not a good look for the Institute of Basic Life Principles.  And, Jinger Duggar’s recent book detailing her brother’s arrest, her parent’s strict parenting, and her life growing up in the IBLP also have not been good for publicity.

Do you think the Duggar’s religion is kicking them to the curb?  Or at least trying to publicly cut ties from them?  Let us know in the comments below and check back here for more Counting On spoilers and updates.

Amanda Austin

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  • If this religious group is in any way cult like you can bet your booties they won't want any bad publicity from this.

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