How Much Does The Return To Amish Cast Get Paid?

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that fans have grown curious about how much money the cast gets paid. TLC has a tendency to pay cast members fairly well and this question has come up often. The payouts often vary though. TLC has to think about the ratings and how popular the cast is. TLC is one of the main networks for reality television and they have fans who have stuck through it all with them. As they have watched the cast of Return to Amish go from their religious upbringing to the English living, it is clear that they pay them pretty well, but how much?

The Wages of Reality Stars

When it comes to being on reality TV, many cast members do it all for fame and money. There are some who want to be on a show like 90 Day Fiance to get help with their relationship though. Inside sources have made claims that some reality stars make in the six figures when they appear on TV. Others barely get paid enough. So what does the cast of Return to Amish make? With all shows, there are tons of rumors swirling around about their wages.

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Sabrina Burkholder was asked about how much she got paid back in 2016. She told her fans that she gets paid enough to support her family when the show is on, but when it is between seasons, she works a regular job in order to support herself and her family.

Reality Show Pay

When it comes to getting paid a lot of money to be on a reality show, it all depends on who you are and what kind of following you have. The website, Moneywise, reported that 90 Day Fiance cast members start out by making $1,000 per episode. Some make more if they have grabbed the audience. For example, Darcey Silva, who started on 90 Day Fiance, is one of the highest-paid cast members in TLC history.

For Return to Amish cast members, the original cast members, such as Sabrina and Jeremiah Raber, more than likely make a lot more money than those who just began their time on the show. If these cast members make more than $1,000 per episode and each season runs about ten episodes, they do pretty well for themselves while the show is on the air. Of course, $10,000 goes really quickly when you have a family to feed. It is clear that most reality TV stars must have other ways to make money or else they would never make it.

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