James Duggar Reaches Israel On His Round The World Trip

James Duggar Reaches Israel On His Round The World Trip

Duggar Family News revealed that James Duggar has reached Israel on his trip around the world. He has been working hard to document everything that he and his friends have done while on their journey. They explored Europe and now are exploring Israel. He recently shared a new video that made fans very excited.

James Explore the Holy Land

Even though James has gotten a lot of backlash for how he has acted on his trip. He has shared some great moments. One of the most recent posts on his YouTube channel was on the city of Jersulam. He took some videos of the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. He showed his fans the Dome of the Rock as he panned the Holy Land. He told his fans, “Had the amazing privilege to stop and pray for a little while in the Garden of Gethsemane where our Lord prayed the night before he was crucified.”

Fans have noticed that James has been very active since he got to Europe, but they also noticed some Duggar family rule breaks. When he was in London, along with his friend Eliajh, they were seen hanging out in a pub. There were wine and beer glasses around them in the videos and pictures and some fans think that they were indulging in alcohol. Of course, this is a big no-no in the Duggar family, but some fans pointed out that he may have wanted the whole pub experience.

James Duggar Reaches Israel On His Round The World Trip

James Offends Fans

While James was eating in Italy, fans started to point out the flaws of this American. Well he was in the city of Pompeii, he decided that instead of eating authentic Italian food, he would enjoy McDonald’s. He was excited about it because he was able to get cheesecake for breakfast until any other McDonald’s in the states.

Redditors were quick to call him out on this. One wrote, “Who goes to Italy to eat at McDonald’s? There people should just never leave Arkansas, as they aren’t going to step out of their comfort zone no matter where they go.” Another added, “I’m not defending these folks, but I go to McDonald’s in other countries. Not for every meal, but at least once.”

James has gotten a lot of backlash for the way that he has acted while on his trip, but some fans blame his lack of European knowledge on the fact that he was home-schooled by Michelle Duggar. Also, the Duggars were never allowed to leave Arkansas to visit major cities.

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