Jon Gosselin Finally Puts His Custody Case To Bed

Jon Gosselin Finally Puts His Custody Case To Bed

Jon and Kate Plus 8 alum, Jon Gosselin has spent 14 years fighting about custody over the kids. For about a decade, he kept quiet because of a TLC gag but he came out about his woes after that. Now, after years of court cases with his ex, Kate, he finally threw in the towel. After all this time, the kids are now adults so he can get on with his life.

Jon Gosselin & His Wife Kate Had A Toxic Relationship

TLC brought along what could have been a really fun family series. Kate and her husband welcomed the twins, Madi and Cara, and then they had the sextuplets. Aaden, Joel, Alexis, Leah, Collin, and Hannah. However, the show soon became toxic and he left. He and Kate divorced. Later, he dated Colleen Conrad, dumped her, and now he claims he’s dating someone else.

Jon Gosselin never returned to reality TV and instead did several jobs before deciding that being a DJ was the best thing for him. All through the years, he fought for custody and finally, he got Collin and his daughter Hannah to live with him. Collin seemed desperate for his dad, as his mom place him in an institution. Apart from Hannah, Collin, and maybe Lexis, he remains estranged from his ex-wife and the rest of the kids.

Jon Gosselin Lets The Court Process End

The kids are adults now. In fact, recent photos of Collin revealed he looked like a grown man. In May, the sextuples will turn 19 years old. So, it’s time to end the fight over maintenance and custody. According to The Sun, the Jon and Kate Plus, 8 alum just realized how fast time goes by. In an interview, he told the outlet, “It happened so fast the kids growing up. The six will be 19 in May – the time just slipped away.”

Jon Gosselin Finally Puts His Custody Case To Bed
Jon Gosselin / Instagram

Jon Gosselin claimed, “Kate owed me some arrears but I have forgiven them, because I just want to be done with it.” Well, that’s hardly a shocker as he’s spent nearly a good deal of his life fighting in court and having to watch what he does or says. Actually, he admitted that the kids never really benefited from all of the legal issues. He noted, “The kids always lose out- it’s not a soccer match, there’s never a winner.”

Music Helps Him To Cope

Jon Gosselin took to his Instagram on the day the piece by The Sun dropped. In his caption, he said, “Music makes everything better.” Well, he’s happy now because he can indulge in his passion without worrying about his ex-wife.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy that it seems like the custody issues are finally settled? Shout out in the comments below.

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