Josh Duggar Gets Out Of Special Housing Unit

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The Duggars news and updates tease that Josh Duggar got an early release from the Special Housing Unit of the prison. The disgraced reality TV star was transferred to the SHU after getting caught with an illegal phone in prison.

Fans know that Josh was found guilty of distributing and possessing child pornography content on his device. He was sentenced to 12.5 years of imprisonment at the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Seagoville in Texas.

Now, after getting caught breaking the rules, the time he served in prison increased. However, sources shared that SHU with Joe Dirty, an inmate who had poor hygiene and a trans. Josh and his family have been vocal about being anti-LGBTQ so the news that he got out of that unit was definitely a relief for him.

Josh’s Punishment For Possessing An Illegal Phone

The guards at the FCI Seagoville In Texas found Josh’s illegal phone when they searched his cell. According to @withoutacrystalball, some inmates rent out cell phones to earn cash while they’re serving their sentence. According to the reports, Josh didn’t have enough cash to buy his own phone and he also needs to pay back what he owed for the phone he rented.

Aside from getting transferred to SHU and having an extended prison sentence, Josh was stripped of his commissary privileges and visitation rights for 180 days. Additionally, he lost 47 days of what they call “Good Time.”

The source also alleged that Anna isn’t sending him as many gifts, books, or money. She’s not giving him the support he needs and is already “burning out.” The insider added that Josh isn’t well-liked in prison. He behaves like he’s a big-time celebrity. He even got fired from his job in prison because of his non-compliant attitude and arrogance.

The source added that Josh speaks arrogantly about his wife. “Josh tells people that she will never leave him because she has to stay and because he’s Josh Duggar, it’s gross,” the insider added.

Josh’s Release Date Gets Delayed

Before the contraband phone was found, Josh’s release date was set at August 12, 2032. But after he was found in possession of an illegal phone, his jail time was extended to October 10, 2032, as per the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ online records.

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