Little People Big World: Is Matt Roloff Losing The Family Farm?

Little People Big World news reveals that patriarch Matt Roloff is at risk of losing the family farm, and apparently missed a very big Oregon state deadline for his business license.  While Roloff Family Farms is currently in their off season, this could definitely pose a problem once the farm opens up this summer and leading in to autumn which is their “pumpkin season.”

little people big world matt roloff farm

According to a new report from the Sun, “Matt has yet to file an Annual Report for Roloff Family Farms Inc.  According to the Oregon Secretary of State, the report was due on February 10, 2023, to keep the business license active.  While the business, which Matt is listed as the president and secretary of, remains active today, the license is in jeopardy of being dissolved by the state.”

Matt Roloff Missed Oregon State Deadline

Apparently, Amy Roloff has her own business license for pumpkin flavored products she sells at Roloff Farms, and she made the business license deadline and is still in good standing with Oregon State business regulations.

It’s unclear why Matt Roloff missed the deadline.  It’s hard to believe someone as anal as the pumpkin patriarch would make such a huge oversight.  General consensus among Little People Big World fans on social media is that Matt may have something up his sleeve and may be planning to sell or dissolve the business or put it in one of his children’s names.

Will Roloff Family Farms Be Closed

As of right now, the Roloff’s have not made any public announcement regarding the state of their pumpkin farm or why no one applied for the annual business license.  At this stage in the game, it’s not just a few days late, but a whole month late.

Do you think Matt Roloff is up to something, or did the Little People Big World star simply forget?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below and check back here for more LPBW spoilers, news, and Roloff Family updates.

  1. Wendy says

    I think he may let fold and take huge loss on taxes. He is not a stupid man and he is not loosing his mind. That’s my thought. Liquidate everything and move with THE LAST SECRETARY KAREN….

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