Long Island Medium Spoilers: Theresa Caputo’s Gifts Have Grown

Long Island Medium Spoilers: Theresa Caputo’s Gifts Have Grown

Long Island Medium spoilers reveal that Theresa Caputo was happy to reveal to her fans that her abilities have started to grow. Of course, fans see her as one of the best clairvoyants around and it does take a lot of time and practice for her to work with her gifts. She has been part of TLC for over ten years now and she wanted to give her fans some more insight into her gifts and what is next for her.

Speaking to the Dead

Caputo has always been open about her ability to speak to the dead and this has given her quite a fanbase. She travels all over the world to try and help families reach out to their departed. She told her fans, “I’m constantly evolving and growing as a person and so is my gift and how I interpret it.

I don’t know if it’s the way that I allow them in or if it’s the strength of their personalities and their souls. But now, I’m more comfortable in large spaces with people. Years ago, that was one of the things that I struggled with and that was part of my anxiety, which was being out in a crowd of people where I was picking up other people’s emotions.”

Theresa takes a lot of time and preparation for her messages to come to her. She has had a lot of wonderful experiences with helping people out but also has had some crazy ones. She said that some of the spirits will ask her to do some really crazy things so that their loved ones will know that it is them. Not only does she have to deal with the crazy spirits, but with people’s emotions as well.


Long Island Medium Spoilers: Theresa Caputo’s Gifts Have Grown

The Familes’ Emotions

When it comes to what Theresa does for a living, she knows that this gift is not an easy one to have. The people that are coming to her are grieving and many of them are very fragile. She told fans, “People might love what I do, but they might not want to connect with their loved ones. It’s not easy receiving these messages because I think it’s very different to be extremely spiritual than to believe in an afterlife. There are so many things that happen in people’s lives. What I’ve learned is that a tragedy might happen or they lose a loved one and they lose all their faith.”

No matter what Theresa has learned over the years, she continues to channel her gifts in a good way. All that she has ever wanted to do is help others communicate with the other side.

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