Married At First Sight 16 Spoilers: Jasmine Makes A Dramatic Change – Did She Do It For Herself?

Jasmine Secrest

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Jasmine Secrest was matched with Airris Williams on the 16th season of MAFS, and although she signed up for the right reasons, he did not.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – The Journey

Jasmine looked happy and hopeful when she walked down the aisle and the feeling even continued when they arrived at their destination honeymoon. Not long into their tropical vacation, Jasmine and Airris were sitting down to dinner one night, and Airris’ way of getting to know his new wife was to ask her, “what is your favorite sexual position.” Jasmine was having none of it, she was shocked and flat-out said she wasn’t going there.

Things just continued to go downhill for the couple, Airris told some of the other husbands that his new wife was extremely attracted to him, but he wasn’t attracted to her. When they returned home, Jasmine continued to try but Airris continued his cringe-worthy conversations with his wife, he told her that if she hadn’t cheated, kissed a woman, or participated in an orgy she hadn’t lived.

Married At First Sight Updates – Moving On

MAFS cast are contracted to wear their wedding rings until after Decision Day airs, which it hasn’t yet. But, Wikipedia has reported that Airris and Jasmine are indeed divorced.

Married At First Sight

Its good that Jasmine is no longer married to Airris, he didn’t deserve her and should never have been chosen to participate in the experiment in the first place. In a recent photo with one of the other MAFS wives at Universal Studios, Jasmine looks very happy, and notably, she has gotten her teeth fixed. Airris didn’t say anything about not being attracted to her because of her teeth that were crooked, but a lot of people did on social media. She got a new beautiful smile, to match her personality and hopefully she did it for herself and not for the mean things people said about her. Feeling pressured by society to change yourself is sad, it’s a horrible side effect of society today. If she did it for herself, that would be wonderful. There was nothing wrong with Jasmine before, she is beautiful, strong, poised, and deserved so much better than what MAFS gave her.

The photo is lovely, they all look friendly and very happy.

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  2. Joselyn Jones says

    Jasmine was always beautiful inside and out. However the Smile in her eyes, her spirit and strength, out smiled every smile on the Show. But yes her new smile is definitely a beautiful come up , I love it !!!!!…… #Team Jasmine PEOPLE ARE TOO JUDGEMENTAL ….. LIVE AND LET LIVE ……

  3. Erica says

    Is MAFS really a show for teenagers. Another bad influence for them

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