My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Find Hope From Glenn Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Find Hope From Glenn Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) fans felt terrible for Whitney, her brother, and her dad, Glenn Thore when Babs passed away. Whitney Way Thore and her family were very close to her mom and TLC fans naturally hope that Glenn can find a way to work through his grief. This weekend, fans saw Glenn on Instagram and some people took some comfort there.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Glenn Thore Gets Support

While her mom was in rehab and recovering from a second stroke, Whitney Way Thore gave Babs a lot of love. Additionally, she looked after her dad, Glenn. Clearly, it wasn’t an easy time for them. Even though Babs showed signs of getting better, the inevitable happened and she passed away.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life critics backed away from saying hateful things to Whitney after Babs died. Sadly, tragic events seldom deter haters, but Babs won many hearts. Also, the genuine grief and the way she cares for her dad won Whitney a lot of admirers. This week, she updated on how Glenn is doing at the moment. That’s when followers found some comfort.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Update On Glenn Thore

This weekend, Whitney shared a short video on her Instagram account. Actually, she was laughing at her father who stood in a swimming pool. He raised his arms up when he saw the camera as if to greet his fans. Next, he joined her and they talked about exercising in the pool. Mind you, he didn’t seem too thrilled about the exercising side of it.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Find Hope From Glenn Thore
Whitney Way Thore / Instagram

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans saw that Whitney captioned her video with a heart emoji. The  text overlay said, “When you see your dad start to enjoy life  a little bit after you lost your mom.” Naturally, TLC fans took to the comments section because they adore Glenn and they miss Babs.

Fans Find Hope

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life family is not the only one in the world who lost a loved one. Actually, from the comments, it’s clear that so many people struggle with their own grief. Seeing Glenn start to live again after Babs left gave them hope. One of them wrote, “It’s good to see him and shows those of us who recently lost a loved one we will survive too. 💔”

Another fan opined, “So nice to see Glenn going out finding some joy. Babs would want him to live life.”

Grief is a long and often lonely process. Inside, Glen Thore might feel like he’ll never know full joy again. But just seeing a small smile is enough for fans who lost their own dear ones. It gives them hope that one day, they too, will find a little bit of joy again.

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