Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Jealousy Is Real In This Relationship

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Jealousy Is Real In This Relationship

Seeking Brother Husband spoilers reveals that the new show is getting much attention. One of the couples featured on the show, Elisa and Mike are attempting to add a husband to their marriage. Elisa has been working on finding a second man to date and she has started posting on dating apps. She actually showed Mike her profile and this may have caused a little bit of jealousy.

Mike’s Thoughts On Another Husband

As the couple was sitting down together, she scrolled through the different dating profiles. He told her that he liked her profile picture and her bio. She actually added some NSFW information to her profile. At first, he thought it was great and told her that the profile looked good and that she was definitely going to find some dates. Things took a turn when she asked him what he really thought about her dating other men.

He told the cameras, “Elisa seeing or dating other men is one thing. But actually physically seeing her with someone else is going to be a bit of a challenge and a bit different. I kinda opened up a whole new bag of emotions, a little more jealousy and more uncertainty. I keep reminding myself… this is what we wanted.”

Will These Two Make It?

During the show, it turns out that Elisa admitted that she has cheated on Mike many times before. She said that she felt a “really intense connection with somebody else” even though she was very happy with Mike. This has led her to think that she needs to try polyandry. She and Mike have been talking about it for quite some time and it turns out that he is a little jealous. Elisa told the cameras, “I didn’t know at the time that we can have a great relationship and I can still like somebody else.”

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Jealousy Is Real In This Relationship

This show has gotten a lot of negative attention since its premiere. Viewers were shocked to see these women in multiple relationships. Some of the feedback the show has received was about how the women were being selfish with their sexual activity and this was the real reason they wanted another husband. They all agreed that these women shouldn’t call it marriage if they are really swingers.

Nevertheless, there were a lot of viewers who loved it and hope that TLC will continue to keep it on the air and going strong. In the meantime, be sure to catch Seeking Brother Husband on Sunday nights on TLC.

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