Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Kenya Wants As Many Husbands As Possible

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Kenya Wants As Many Husbands As Possible

Seeking Brother Husband spoilers reveal that one of the wives on the new TLC series, Kenya is making all the rules for how many husbands she can have in her marriage. Kenya’s story is quite complex. She already is practicing polyandry and has two husbands, Carl and Tiger. She came out swinging in the first episode saying, “Polyandry is one woman having multiple husbands. There is no limit on the number of brother husbands one can have. It’s not rocket science! We all love attention and love.”

The New Series Shocks Viewers

It didn’t take long for viewers to become curious about all of the relationships on the show. There have been a lot of viewers who feel that this show should not be on the air. One fan tweeted, “This has nothing to do with love and everything wanting more nooky than one person can give you. It’s ATTEMPTING to put an air of normalcy on what amounts to swinging. Want to swing? Your business. Just don’t try to call it marriage.” One more added, “It’s NOT called love, it’s called LUST. The more the merrier something going to go wrong at some point. SICKENING.”

The comments kept coming about how much viewers were appalled by the show. One more added, “We saw how Sister Wives turned out. I expect the same for this one. I won’t be watching this train wreck though, it’s getting ridiculous and offensive.” Of course, viewers feel that the husbands are going to get jealous and there will be more drama than expected. This is what a lot of viewers are sticking around for though.

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Kenya Wants As Many Husbands As Possible

Is It Like Sister Wives?

There have been many fans who think that Seeking Brother Husband is a spinoff of Sister Wives. This show does focus on multiple partners, but there are four relationships featured on the show. Could this turn into more of a show like Sister Wives? It could if TLC keeps it around. With all of the negative comments about this though, there may not be a second season because of the content. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

However, we will get a chance to meet others in polyandrous relationships. There is one young couple that has decided to try it, but there already have been red flags. It cannot be easy to do and there is a sinking feeling that these husbands may not want to see their wives with other men.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Seeking Brother Husband right now. Come back here often for Seeking Brother Husband spoilers, news, and updates.

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