Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Catches BIG Hint From Kody Brown’s Cameo

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Catches BIG Hint From Kody Brown's Cameo

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody Brown has let out a huge hint to his followers in a new Cameo message. One TikTok user who received the Cameo was quick to share the message from Kody. The Cameo message was for the user on their anniversary. Kody wanted to make it very special for them.

The Cameo Clues

As soon as fans saw the message, they were pretty shocked. Kody was seen in the front seat of his truck and telling the fans congrats on their one-year anniversary. Then he said, “I won’t be having more wives. Robyn and I are now basically monogamous. Don’t let that out yet, it’s probably a spoiler but it seems obvious with the new season coming.”

He went on, “But you guys, you guys could be in a plural marriage. You could always be a sister wife still. You gotta talk your man into that and I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” He then laughed at himself and added, “I don’t have any recommendations on that.” He ended his message with “lots of peace” and “lots of love.”

Kody’s Life Changes

Kody has been through a lot since the last season ended. Christine Brown was the first of three wives to call it quits with him. Janelle Brown followed, which wasn’t a big surprise to fans. Then on the Tell-All of Sister Wives, Kody dropped the bomb on Meri Brown that he no longer wanted to be in a marriage with her. Robyn is his only wife now and from the looks of it, they are happier than ever. They have been spotted taking trips together and enjoying one on one time. Is this what he wanted all along?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Catches BIG Hint From Kody Brown's Cameo

With everything that has happened, Kody and Robyn continue to work on their marriage. It turns out that fans would like to see more of the show, but with everyone going in their own way, who knows what that would look like. It turns out that all of the ex-wives are now spread out all over the country and spending time with their children. Meri is still working on keeping business in her bed and breakfast in Utah, while Christine is working on her new relationship with David Woolley. Janelle has been in North Carolina with her kids and grandkids too.

We will have to just keep an eye on what is next for the Browns and if they will eventually come back to TLC to show off life as it is now.

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