Sister Wives Spoilers: That Time Robyn Brown Compared Herself to Oprah

Sister Wives Spoilers: That Time Robyn Brown Compared Herself to Oprah

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that fans are thinking back on the time that Robyn Brown compared herself to Oprah Winfrey. Fans who watched the show since she first appeared on it have noticed that Robyn sometimes seems a little obsessed with Oprah. In fact, in the memoir the Browns wrote, she actually made a comparison of herself to Oprah. This was shortly after she joined the family and the show and now that the season has ended, fans are starting to bring these moments back.

Robyn’s Appearance on the Show

When fans first met Robyn, Kody Brown was a few months into his courtship with her. This was when she was 30 years old and when she divorced, David Jessop. She had three kids with him from their marriage. By the end of that season, Kody and Robyn got married and she became part of the polygamist dream that Kody wanted.

In one of the chapters of the memoir, Robyn opened up about how she wasn’t sure if it was God’s plan for her to be on the show. She wrote, “As our courtship progressed toward engagement, I realized that the television show, which has seemed like a huge fantasy was in fact a reality. If I married Kody, I would be signing on for this show. This gave me pause. It was very scary for me.”

She went on, “I didn’t want this. I didn’t need this. I just wanted to live a quiet and tranquil life, happy with God and my family. But I loved Kody and his family too much. I had asked God for testimony and Kody and I shared a destiny and I received that testimony. I wasn’t turning back.” She told her fans that God guided her life and that is why she chose to be on the show after all.

Sister Wives Spoilers: That Time Robyn Brown Compared Herself to Oprah

The Oprah Comparison

Robyn has manifested a lot of her dreams and fans noticed that when she compared herself to Oprah, she actually manifested meeting her. She told her fans, “Several years before I married Kody when I was at an absolute low point in my life, I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish. Since things were going so badly for me at that time, I allowed myself to dream as big as possible. Here’s what was on my life: change the world, meet Oprah, write a best seller, and own a business.”

Oprah was always Robyn’s way to escape everyday life and she wanted to be a great businesswoman just like Oprah. From the looks of it, Robyn has made a lot of her dreams come true and even if she isn’t that much like Oprah, she is a household name.

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