Sister Wives Star Christine Admits To Dumb Driving Moment

Sister Wives Star Christine Admits To Dumb Driving Moment

Sister Wives fans love to see that these days, Christine Brown looks happy with her new boo, David Woolley. And, we’re willing to bet that he chuckled when she told him her story about driving Truely to school. One thing about Kody’s former third wife, she knows how to laugh at herself. This time, her news was all about how she felt a bit dumb. Who hasn’t been there? But not everyone can laugh about it.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Settles In Utah

When Kody and his former spiritual wife split, she opted to go to Salt Lake City where her daughter Aspyn lives. Actually, Mykelti doesn’t live far away from her either. And it seems like Peadon also relocated from St. George. Well, there’s nothing better than a road trip in her book, and recently all the girls got together to celebrate her daughter Gwendlyn Brown’s engagement party. This latest incident involved driving a vehicle as well.

Sister Wives fans saw that soon after she announced that she was dating David Woolley, the couple shares a common love for travel. In fact,  she posted some really nice photos of them exploring rural Utah. This week, she shared two posts about traveling in a vehicle and perhaps he was the driver in one of them. First, she shared about her own blunder when she took Truely to school.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown On Car Confessions

TLC fans like it when Truely’s mom does her car confessions because she often relates amusing anecdotes. This time, she said that she saw a “big smudge on the windshield.” Anyway, she took out something to clean it and tried to get the wipers to fix the problem, but it still stayed there. So, she went through  “the carwash.” Incredibly, it still wouldn’t go away.  Then, she realized that it was actually a big smudge on her eyeglasses! So, she laughed at herself for being a bit dumb.

Sister Wives Star Christine Admits To Dumb Moment
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Sister Wives fans also saw her post about the snow and damp weather in Salt Lake City. Actually, this time, she shared it on her main profile page and it looked cold. In her caption, she let her followers know that she wasn’t driving. She added, “I’m loving this beautiful snow fall we’ve been getting here, but it’s also cold and damp and not always pretty. #iwasnottheonedriving.”

Laughing And Loving Life

Sister Wives fans love that Christine Brown kept her sense of humor intact despite Kody being awful to her. They still love her car confessions and all of her posts, because no matter what’s going on, she seems to be so happy. Many of them agree that she totally deserves some happiness. Can you relate to having a dumb moment and mistaking a smudge on the windshield for a smudge on your eyeglasses? Let us know in the comments below.

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