Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Snagged Tickets To Taylor Swift Concert

Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Snagged Tickets To Taylor Swift Concert

Sister Wives fans felt a bit jealous because Gwendlyn Brown and her fiancée, Beatriz Queiroz managed to get tickets to attend a concert by Taylor Swift this weekend. If you don’t know, her Eras Tour kicked off in Glendale, Arizona. Some TLC fans claim that they struggle to get tickets due to high demand.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown & Beatriz Queiroz Have Fun

Until Pride Month last year, Gwendlyn seemed rather quiet on social media. However, she did post up a few photos of herself with Beatriz Queiroz. Recently, they became engaged and her mom and sisters joined her to celebrate. But before that, fans saw them enjoying a lot of fun together. Once, they decided on an impromptu visit to Disneyland just because they could. Mind you, they slept in their car and that attracted the attention of a cop.

Sister Wives fans are very happy that Christine Brown’s daughter found someone who cares for her and defends her. In recent months, they both got more active on social media. So, TLC fans heard that Kody Brown isn’t the top favorite person in Gwen’s fiancée’s life. Anyway, they were not worrying about Kody this weekend because they had a blast at the start of Taylor Swift’s Era Tour.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn & Beatriz At Taylor Swift Concert

If you can’t make it to the tour by Taylor Swift, it might make you feel a bit sick because not only did the couple score tickets, but they also wore some of the merch for the event.  You can buy it online, but it’s way better to buy it and wear it as boasting rights for actually having been there. And, it seemed like it was really great entertainment.

Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Snagged Tickets To Taylor Swift Concert
Gwendlyn Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans who follow Gwendlyn Brown on Instagram saw that the concert looked packed. She and her fiancée looked stoked to be there. And, if you want a review, she delivered one, saying, “TAYLOR SWIFT AHHHH IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!” Naturally, fans of the show and of Taylor were quick to respond in the comments.

Fans Respond With A Bit Of Envy

Sister Wives fans and of course, those who love Taylor Swift, were quick to wish that they’d been there. One of them wrote, “I’m so jealous!! So glad you had fun! Love this!” Meanwhile, another one lamented to Gwendlyn Brown, “Lucky, wasn’t able to get tickets.”

Others who managed to get tickets for their own city on the Eras Tour were encouraged that they can look forward to a great concert. One of them penned, “Can’t wait for our show!!! 2 weeks! ❤️”

For those folks living outside of the USA, some of them don’t yet have tour dates. One Taylor Swift fan wrote, “OMG YOU DIDNT 😭😭. Aussie swifties still don’t have dates – and I’ve spent the last 3 hours looking at US tickets and working out if I just book a flight or not 😂.”

Did you manage to get your hand on tickets for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour? Let us know in the comments below.

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