Teen Mom: Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against Nathan Griffith

Teen Mom: Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against Nathan Griffith

Teen Mom 2 star David Griffith was arrested in February on allegations of domestic battery.  At the time, the news revealed that what happened possibly didn’t involve his wife May Oyola. Now, a new update reveals that reportedly, all charges were dropped. So, why is that? Read on to find out.

Teen Mom: David Griffith Accused Of Battery

It’s not known who accused the MTV star of assault, but it definitely wasn’t his new wife, May Oloya. If you don’t know, they tied the knot secretly back in mid-2022. Actually, he pretty much kept her out of the limelight. Perhaps, his experiences with Jenelle Evans and his son Kaiser made him leery of too much media attention. In fact, it’s not clear if the assault charges impacted his relationship with his wife.

Teen Mom 2 fans heard that the alleged domestic battery by strangulation was called in by Nathan’s brother-in-law, William. It seemed that the victim might have been Nathan’s girlfriend. However, it’s not clear how that fits in with May Oloya. Initially, reports alleged that Nathan dragged the woman and grabbed her by the throat. However, he reportedly denied it, accusing her of being on drugs and uncooperative.

Teen Mom 2 – Charges Dropped Against Nathan Griffith

During the original arrest, he allegedly claimed that scratches on him were the result of sexual intercourse. Meanwhile, she claimed that he caused her to pass out. Not that she could confirm if it was from being allegedly choked. Anyway, nothing happened for a while. But now, it seems that the charges have been dropped.

Teen Mom Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against Nathan Griffith
Nathan Griffith / Instagram

The news that the Teen Mom star had charges dropped for alleged domestic battery by choking came from The Sun this week. “According to court documents” obtained by the outlet, “the charges against Nathan… were dropped on March 9. Allegedly, the woman involved didn’t wish to cooperate with the police.

No Contact Order Withdrawn

More news about the Teen Mom 2 star indicated that “the no-contact order on behalf of the alleged victim” also fell away. At the moment, it sounds like neither Nathan nor May Oloya filed for divorce. Perhaps it was all just smoke with no fire. In any event, it sounds like whatever happened has now been put to bed by the cops and by the alleged victim.

What are your thoughts about the charges of alleged battery being dropped again Jenelle Evans’ ex? Do you think it might have all been stormed in a teacup? Or do you think that perhaps in the light of day, the allegations were just taken out of context? Let us know in the comments below.

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