Was The Princess Of Wales Briefed On Muslim Culture?

Was The Princess Of Wales Briefed On Muslim Culture?

Kate Middleton and Prince William made an official visit to Hayes Muslim Centre and many people feel that The Princess Of Wales was snubbed. Of course, there are always two sides to every story, so it generated a lot of opinions amongst royal family watchers. But most of all, it raises the question: was she not briefed on Muslim culture before the visit?

The Princess Of Wales Will One Day Be The Queen

Kate Middleton and Prince William are really popular in the UK. Actually, they have long gotten into the protocols of public outings and official duties. Naturally, when she married the oldest son of King Charles III, she was soon learning royal protocol. And royal protocol is very important. After all, nobody wants to see a monarch looking like a fool on the world stage.

The Princess Of Wales is seen as a strong woman who adds to the good reputation of the House of Windsor. Graceful and charming, she clearly found her niche in life. When any of the working royals attend public functions, they are always briefed and they know exactly what to expect. So, people wonder what went wrong when she greeted the Iman Sufyan Iqbal in recognition of the fundraising for the Syria and Turkey earthquakes.

The Princess Of Wales Snubbed?

Many outlets reported on the fact that Kate Middleton dressed for the occasion. Respectful of the Muslim traditions, she wore a long dress, and a scarf, and covered her head. Well, the UK is a diverse nation these days, so it seemed natural that she should make an effort. Although both of the royals shook a few hands, Express UK reported that the Iman ignored Kate’s hand and instead, “greeted the Princess in the form of his hand pressed on his heart and a bow of the head.” 

Was The Princess Of Wales Briefed On Muslim Culture
Sky News via @nazirafzal / Twitter

The Princess Of Wales returned the greeting and graciously recovered from the moment when her hand was refused. Many people complained on Twitter about the perceived snub. Meanwhile, many Muslim people claimed that the Iman offered a respectful greeting in terms of his own culture.  While all that bickering goes on, the real question is whether Kate was fully briefed on Muslim culture.

Royal Expert Neil Sean Shares His Opinion

The Princess Of Wales might have carried it off gracefully, but royal family expert Neil Sean felt that the Iman “should have shown manners and respect for our traditions.” By not doing so, whether Kate was briefed on Muslim tradition or not, Neil feels that it took “all the sterling work” the organization has done and made it “pale into insignificance.”

Still, the questions being asked focus on the briefing that clearly went wrong with one party or the other. After all, businesses do that all the time when they are meeting across cultures. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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