Welcome To Plathville: Ethan Does A Mega-Drive With His U-Haul

Welcome To Plathville: Ethan Does A Mega-Drive With His U-Haul

Welcome To Plathville fans know that Ethan Plath is crazy about old cars. He likes to buy them, and rebuild them. Recall, Olivia Plath threw a major wobbly about it because when they were separated, he got one without telling her. In Tampa, Florida, fans saw her lip fall as he went and spent time working on it. Anyway, they moved to Minnesota and now he’s got his cars with him. It seemed like a very long trip with the U-Halls.

Welcome To Plathville Star Ethan Plath Visited Georgia

A few days ago, Ethan shared that he went to Georgia to catch up with his siblings and his dad. At the time, one of his friends was with him as well. Apparently, they sometimes build car engines together. It looked like they all enjoyed being together for a little bit. Later, he left there with U-Haul trucks and drove all the way to Minnesota.

The destination for the Welcome To Plathville star was the Minneapolis area in Minnesota. You might recall that Olivia persuaded her husband to move to Tampa, Florida. At the time, he wasn’t keen, and they almost split over the whole issue. Anyway, she also said they should move every couple of years and now they stay in a cold winter state. And, it’s a long drive from Georgia.

A Three-Day Drive For The Welcome To Plathville Star

Ethan Plath reported back when he arrived in Minnesota. Sharing some photos, he wrote, “Made it safely to MN with my cars! From Georgia to Nashville to Iowa to Minnesota 1354 miles and three days later It was a damn good road trip with my brother.” Well, some folks who live there noticed that he arrived back during snowy weather.

Welcome To Plathville Ethan Does A Mega-Drive With His U-Haul
Ethan Plath / Instagram

Naturally, some Welcome To Plathville fans wondered why Olivia chose a colder destination after sunny Florida. Meanwhile, others wondered if Olivia knew and approved of the cars. More than likely, she did know about it because otherwise he probably wouldn’t have shared it on a social media platform.  Anyway, a big argument started between fans about whether he or she was in the wrong about the old cars back in Tampa.

Road Trip Can Be Great Fun

Welcome To Plathville fans know that road trips can be really great fun. Clearly, Ethan and his brother enjoyed their time together. Hopefully, fans will get to see some footage of their mega-road trip when a new season comes along on TLC.

Have you ever done a road trip from Georgia through Nashville and Ohio to Minnesota? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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