Will Christine Brown’s New Boyfriend Be On Sister Wives

Sister Wives spoilers show that Christine Brown is moving on from ex Kody and the Brown Family, and went public with her new boyfriend David Woolley a few months ago.  Sister Wives fans are clamoring to know if TLC will still feature Christine Brown on the reality TV show, and her new man.  Here’s what we know so far.

Christine Brown announced her divorce from Kody Brown in late 2021.  While Sister Wives episodes are always a little delayed, those break-up scenes aired this year, which means that Christine still filmed some episodes after her split from Kody.

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Is Christine Brown Still On Sister Wives?

Sister Wives has followed the Brown Family for over 10 years, but we all know that ratings were really tanking.  There had not been a whole lot of drama to keep fans tuning in since Meri Brown’s epic catfish scandal.  So, the mass exodus of Kody’s wives definitely will be paydirt for TLC.  Christine’s exit was already filmed, now Janelle Brown and Meri’s splits will take center stage.  So, there’s definitely a lot of drama to keep TLC cameras rolling.

We’re sure Christine would be thrilled to show off her new boyfriend on the show.  But, is David Woolley on board?  He may now want to get involved in her former family’s mess.   And if he is, will Kody Brown try to block it from happening?  True Sister Wives followers know that Kody Brown is an egomaniac and has also been dubbed a bit of a control freak.  Do any of us really believe that Kody would allow Christine to canoodle with another man on HIS television show?

Will Kody Brown Let David Woolley Appear On Sister Wives

Also, there’s a third possibility.  Could Christine Brown, David Woolley, and her kids get their own spinoff TV show.  Christine’s kids are the most active on social media out of all of the Brown kids, and definitely have their own drama and followers to bring to the table.  Sister Wives fans have been rooting for Christine since she left Kody Brown, and would love to see her flourishing with her kids and new man.

What do you think?  Will Christine still appear on Sister Wives, and will her boyfriend David Woolley film any scenes?  How will Kody react?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back here for more Sister Wives news and updates.

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