Will TLC Ever Bring Back The Little Couple?

Will TLC Ever Bring Back The Little Couple?The Little Couple show brought Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, and their two adopted children, Zoey and Will. The show premiered its first season on May 26, 2009, and ten years later, fans saw the last of them on their screens. After the show was canned, fans still hope for a return. However, were they too tame for TLC which seems to get more bizarre by the day?

The Little Couple Too Tame For TLC?

Will and Zoey grew up on TLC and fans loved them. Actually, they really hoped that when they took a hiatus, it was just because of the pandemic. However, the pandemic ended and they never returned. Instead, they moved to Boston so Dr. Jen could focus on her career. Well, what she has to say about the pandemic isn’t always welcome these days, but she believes in what she does.

The Little Couple fans saw that at one stage, Zoey crashed one of her mom’s videos and demanded that they restart the show. At the time, fans had gotten the idea that Jen and Bill had decided it was best to keep the family off the show. So, it seemed odd that she told her daughter she better speak to the CEO of TLC if she wanted to be back on TV. Well, there’s been no announcement. So, were they considered too lame and tame?

The Little Couple – Not Enough Drama?

A few days ago, Jen Arnold posted up some slides of a trip the family went on. In her caption, she talked about the family enjoying  “Mt Washington on the #cograilway with great friends.” TLC fans loved seeing the family, and in the comments, plenty of people said they want the show to return. But one fan who heard Jen in an interview suggested that wasn’t likely to happen.

Apparently, it wasn’t the family’s choice to leave the show. The Little Couple was actually canned by TLC, they said. Well, if that is the case, one has to wonder why. After all, as fans said in the comments, they were clean, fun, and happy people with minimal drama. And, that might actually be the problem. Notably, more shows on the network seem downright bizarre these days.

Extreme Sister & MILF Are Examples Of Weird TLC

The Little Couple didn’t even have massive family feuds like Little People, Big World. Maybe TLC didn’t want nice people on TV. After all, they seem to like shocking people with sisters who like to get overly intimate. Or, mothers who watch their sons flirt with older women. Shock and disgust, it seems, outweigh nice when it comes to ratings.

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  1. Pat says

    I love the Little Couple and would definitely watch it again. Have stopped watching many shows on TLC including the Roloff Family because of the fighting.

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