Alaskan Bush People: Is Bird Brown Struggling With Her Health

bird brown update alaskan bush people

Alaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates tease that fans are wondering how Bird Brown is doing these days. She struggled to cope following the death of her father, Billy Brown. Not only that, she had to undergo major surgery. How is she doing now?

Bird Brown’s Health Struggles

Bird Brown was faced with a series of difficult decisions recently. She experienced severe abdominal pain but refused to seek medical attention. However, as her condition worsened, Bird was left with no other choice but to seek professional help.

She was later diagnosed with cancer after two tumors were found. Although the family was emotional, they were relieved when the tumors were removed. Nonetheless, Bird was faced with another tough decision as her doctors recommended a complete hysterectomy to minimize the risk of cancer recurrence. She refused to get the operation because she wanted to have kids in the future.

Bird shared a lovely selfie on her Instagram account and announced that she would be sharing a video update on her health soon. She had been meaning to do so for some time but had been incredibly busy. However, it has been almost a week since the announcement was made, and fans have expressed concern over the lack of an update. Her supporters are eagerly hoping that Bird is doing well and that there is nothing serious to be concerned about.

Raiven Supports Bear Brown Despite Being Separated

Following the delivery of her second child, Cove, Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown revealed that she and her husband, Bear Brown, had separated. Although they briefly reunited until the baby was born, they have since gone their separate ways. Nevertheless, Raiven recently surprised fans by expressing her support for her estranged husband through a social media post.

Bear Brown recently entered a cosplay competition in which he showcased his makeup skills by portraying The Joker, a notorious Batman villain. To win the competition, participants need fan votes.

Surprising many fans, Raiven Brown showed her support for Bear’s competition by promoting it on her Instagram Stories. She shared a photo of Bear in his Joker makeup and asked her followers if they had voted for him yet. This would be a great help for Bear after claims that an anti-Alaskan Bush People Facebook page is actively campaigning against him.

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