Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: What Fans Think of Raiven and Bear Brown’s Marriage

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: What Fans Think of Raiven and Bear Brown's Marriage

Alaskan Bush People spoilers reveal that the marriage between Raiven and Bear Brown has started to turn some heads. There were a lot of fans of the show that feel as if their marriage is a little shady. Even though these fans know that the show has interesting storylines that are unconventional, they are still unsure if this marriage is even real. Let’s find out what fans think.

Raiven and Bear Make-Up and Break-Up

Raiven and Bear have two sons together and fans have followed their relationship on Alaskan Bush People. Their marriage has been very interesting to watch on television. However, there have been some serious issues come out between these two that were never seen on the show. In fact, there were police reports that stated that there was some domestic violence in their marriage. They have shared stories about the end of their marriage on social media as well.

While watching the show, fans thought that Raiven and Bear got married way too fast. They felt that they got married for unhealthy reasons too. What were those reasons though? With all of the allegations that Raiven has made about Bear, it looks as if there has been abuse between the two of them and illegal substances.

Raiven Calls It Quits

As fans have watched on, Raiven and Bear have split up quite a few times since their relationship began. Viewers have always questioned their relationship because of how many times Raiven has left him. She left him while she was pregnant with their second child because she said she was stressed out. Closer to her son’s birth, they got back together and moved to Texas to be closer to her family.

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: What Fans Think of Raiven and Bear Brown's Marriage

As soon as Cove was born, they split up yet again. Based on her posts on social media, it looks as if something happened while they were in Texas that made her leave him again. She was public about how she was now a single parent and how tough it was. Even with these posts, fans have seen inconsistencies in their relationship. This is why they think it is shady and faked for the show. Raiven’s social media accounts have been pretty quiet and fans are still wait to see if she makes any more updates about her marriage to Bear.

Fans continue to speculate about these two and their marriage. They have shown support for one another on social media, but there have been no other hints that they are even back together. We will wait and see.

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