Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown Has A Surprising Side Gig

Alaskan Bush People's Rain Brown Has A Surprising Side Gig

Alaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates tease that Rain Brown has a surprising side job.

The show has always been interesting because it exhibits the lifestyle of the Brown family and how they live in the Alaskan wilderness.

The show made people more aware of how they live. And even though people were thinking that the show is fake, there are still fans that supported the Brown family throughout these years.

And though they may have a different lifestyle, they were able to adapt to the modern world, especially now that they have established their presence and they have fans all over the world. This is why some of the cast members have joined social media.

Rain Brown’s side gig

It was recently revealed that Rain Brown, daughter of Billy and Ami Brown, has a different revenue stream. We are fully aware that their main source of income is from Discovery Channel, but Rain Brown has alternatives.

In an Instagram post in February this year, she said that she’s now allowing subscriptions to her followers, and this subscription comes with certain perks.

Some fans have mixed feelings about her announcement. They think that Rain already has enough income from Discovery Channel and that it wasn’t necessary for her to ask for subscriptions.

According to some fans, the subscription rate for Rain was $20/month. She was also already in Cameo at the time. For those who don’t know, Cameo is a platform where celebrities can send personalized videos to their fans. Of course, these personalized videos aren’t free. It was reported that Rain’s Cameo rates are different depending on what type of video is requested. For the private message, it costs about $3.

Alaskan Bush People's Rain Brown Has A Surprising Side Gig

Does this mean that the show would end?

Some fans speculate that the reason why Rain is trying to have other revenue streams is that Discovery Channel may probably cancel the show.

The show has been a huge success and has already run for 14 seasons. The cast members already have established a huge following. They can actually end the show, and they can still be set for life because of the influence they have.

Discovery Channel has yet to announce any information for the 15th season. Season 14 aired in October last year. So, it really hasn’t been so long since the most recent season ended. The final episode was aired on December 4, 2022, and it was followed by three special episodes. It is safe to assume that Discovery has not made any plans whether they will be canceling the show.

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