My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What is David Nelson Looking For Now?

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What is David Nelson Looking For Now?

My 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that former cast member, David Nelson is back, but not on television. He has started to look for another important thing in his life. What is David looking for now? Let’s find out what has been going on with him.

David’s Story

David had a very tough time when he was on the show. He struggled with his weight from a young age. He was bounced around the foster care system and he explained that this was a big reason for gaining so much weight over time. While he was bounced around, there was one thing he really wanted to do. He wanted to find his birth mother and get to know her.

David’s mother was 13 years old she had him in California. He didn’t know too much about her other than her name. Now he has decided that it is time to find her and try to connect with her. However, in a recent post on his Facebook account, he actually shared some news about his mother.

The Big Update

David took to Facebook to share with his fans his excitement. He has been working hard on finding his mother and getting to know her since he was always in foster care. It has been important for him to find out more about her and get some of his questions answered. He started by talking to different adoption agencies and then did genetic testing. He was trying his best to find her and hoped that these results would be key.

He found a very distant relative through 23 and Me but wasn’t able to find his mother that way. However, after a lot of digging, he told his fans, “Success!! Thank you all so much seriously. I’m so touched by all of you that shared and helped me with this search. My sister, Summer Williams found my aunt on an adoption website looking for me. I’m feeling the love and support from you all. Thank you so much!”

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What is David Nelson Looking For Now?

David then shared some photos that he had found his biological aunt online Of course his fans were quick to show their support and love for him. These fans told him, “So happy for you! Bless you on this journey!” Another wrote, “Good luck! I truly hope that this family deserves the type of guy that you are.” We are thrilled that David has found at least one of his family members and will continue to follow this as it unravels.

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