1000-Lb Sisters Fans Gush Over New Photo Of Tammy And Amy

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Gush Over New Photo Of Tammy And Amy

Tammy Slaton, is well-known as a star in TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters. Her sister, Amy Halterman seemed to do better with her weight loss but Tammy is making massive progress after years of struggle. She lost 300 pounds and fans who struggle with obesity feel very inspired. Meanwhile, those fans who always hoped that the older sister would save her life seem to be extremely excited about what the future holds. So, when a new photo arrived on Amy’s TikTok, fans gushed over it.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Makes Progress But Slips A Bit

The half-brother of Amy and Tammy, Chris C0mbs makes great progress with his weight loss. So, fans listen when he talks about his sisters. When Tammy was spotted at a Starbucks, he felt that she needed more therapy. Additionally, she already allegedly dumped her husband, Caleb Willingham only to apparently fall in love with another TikTokker. She’s also been spotted vaping again. So, TLC fans fear that she might not continue her journey to full health.

Many 1000-lb Sisters fans feel totally shocked at the progress that Tammy made in rehab. In fact, many people watched her throw tantrums and blame everyone but herself for her deteriorating health. But, there’s no denying that she does really well now. In fact, she is capable of standing and walking. Sometimes, she doesn’t need to use her oxygen tubes. Of course, folks cannot wait to see the real Tammy under all of that excess skin. Hopefully, that will come in a new season of the show.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Halterman Shares A New Photo On TikTok

This week, Amy shared a photo on TikTok that was set to the music of Hey, Soul Sister – Train. In her caption, she just said, “#bfs best f–king sisters.” Taken at night, the two women stood in front of a tree and the whole scene was lit in purple. Tammy wore a jacket over a floral dress. Meanwhile, her sister, Amy wore a black tank top. Both of them looked relaxed and Tammy actually looked like she might be smaller than her sister these days.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Gush Over New Photo Of Tammy And Amy
Amy Halterman / TikTok

Many 1000-lb Sisters fans hope that both women will support each other to reach their ideal weight. If you don’t know, it seemed that Amy gained weight with her second child. With her split from her husband, Michael, fans fear that Amy might take comfort in eating the wrong foods. Hopefully, mutual support is doing the trick because TLC fans have come to love them.

TLC Fans Gush Over The Photo

In the comments, one fan of 1000-lb Sisters wrote, “Should have this on your profile. What a lovely picture. Looking good girlies. Xx.”

Another impressed follower said, “I am so happy that you have each other. You both are looking incredible!!!!”

More comments followed like this one: “Gorgeous. We have all been so lucky to see your journey!”

Do you agree that Tammy Slaton is looking amazing? Shout out in the comments below.

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