Alaskan Bush People: Fans React To Bird Brown’s Emotional Surgery Scenes

Alaskan Bush People: Fans React To Bird Brown’s Emotional Surgery Scenes

Alaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates tease that fans flooded the show’s social media account after watching episodes featuring Bird Brown’s medical struggles. They immediately offered their support after seeing Bird break down emotionally upon learning about the cystic tumor in her abdomen.

The show’s season 14 was filled with drama and emotions. During the premiere episode in October, it was revealed that Bird Brown was diagnosed with pre-cancerous tumors on her ovaries. As the season continued, viewers witnessed some heart-wrenching moments, including Bird’s mother writing her a heartfelt letter. Unfortunately, the situation worsened when Bird was rushed to the hospital, and her doctors recommended a hysterectomy to eliminate any chance of future cancerous growth.

It all started with stomach pains, which Bird had to endure for a week. It was then revealed that she had a cystic tumor in her abdomen and it was surrounded by fluid. Her doctors said that it wasn’t cancerous for now but it has a 50% chance of developing into one. The only way to make sure that it doesn’t turn cancerous is for Bird to agree to get a full hysterectomy. If she decides to get one, she will no longer have the chance to have kids of her own.

“I know that God has a plan,” Bird said.

“As scary as this is, when looking down and knowing that’s a tumor, it’s hard not to worry about it. I hate to admit but I just can’t quit crying, because I just don’t know anymore,” she continued.

Fans Show Support For Bird

Fans immediately showed their support for Bird. They took to the comment section of the show’s Instagram page to wish her well.

“Such a hard choice for a young woman to have to make. Sending prayers,” one fan wrote.

“Prayers and love to Bird!! This happened to me and my daughter. Keep your head up! Your dad is watching over you,” another one added.

“Very heartbreaking episode. Praying for her health and the doctors guiding her through this hard time,” a third one chimed in.

Alaskan Bush People: Fans React To Bird Brown’s Emotional Surgery Scenes

Bear’s New Career Option

Fans may recall that Bear Brown was one of the few cosplayers who were handpicked to join a cosplay competition. He has the chance to win $10,000, get a 2-page feature in Star Magazine, and two 3-day badges to Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon. If he wins, he may consider this as a new career option in case the show gets canceled.

“I have been holding steadily in second place, except for when I dropped down to fourth! It’s looking like this will be my last round, but I’m not giving up yet!” he shared just the other day. “Never give up, never surrender! Family motto!”

As the contest comes to a close, Bear is starting to sound pessimistic. Will he win the contest?

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